Patterns disappearing on new digitone firmware

So I was worried I was going crazy as I wrote and thankfully recorded a whole song idea/pattern last night. Unfortunately now it seems to be completely missing from my digitone now, no idea what could have happened other than me turning it on and off, but the whole song and pattern I did yesterday is gone. which kind of sucks as I have no idea how to reproduce the song now, sigh.

Anyone else experiencing this? First time this has ever happened to me with the machine and I’ve been using it for like, 2-3 years. Usually you can just turn it off and it picks right back up at where you were before you turned it off, did the new firmware change that or something?

Don’t think it’d be anything to do with the new firmware, but it happened to me once, many years ago.

If it only did it the once, I’d say it was one of those very rare cases where it just doesn’t remember itself. If it’s done it a few times, I think you’d best open up a support ticket with Elektron.

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