Pattern workflow newbie questions

Hello, everyone.

New user here, very much enjoying my analog four mk2. As i explore it i’m seeing its potential.

However there’s some workflow things I’m having issues grasping, Apologies if these issue have been cover else where.

  1. Patterns are saving when I switch to another pattern, but this behaviour is causing me to lose all my work when I’m jamming, having to revert to a saved project to recall the patterns i’ve lost.

I’d like to be able to recall any pattern within the bank while switching between patterns.

I’m currently having to copy the new idea, then ‘pattern + no’ to revert to the original pattern BEFORE switching to a new pattern, then pasting the new pattern!
This work flow can easily cause you to lose your existing pattern that you started with.

Sometimes cool ideas come from other ideas, but i don’t want to have to sacrifice my original pattern. I’d like to mess with a pattern move to a different pattern number, copy past ideas around, develop pattern ideas, in turn creating ‘a destination’ for my jams, but not having to sacrifice the original pattern. I guess this is possible with the mentioned workflow above but one wrong button press and you’ve lost your initial work, potentially having to save it as new project to keep both ideas!

  1. ‘Track+ save’ saves track data. This means note pattern data, master pattern data, what else?

  2. Is there any advice on connecting to overbridge, it’s not reading my A4.
    mac pro 2019, 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5, mojave 10.14.6, overbridge setting is on, tried reinstalling,
    overbridge reads ‘no elektron device is detected’, can’t see anything in security settings that’s indicating a blocked driver.

  3. Is it possible to use kits from different projects? Currently when I load a new project I can’t seem to find the preset kits.

Ok, hope that’s not too long and waffly!!


any thoughts anyone?