Pattern Mute MIDI CC on Digitakt

Hi there,
I was wondering if there was a way to assign MIDI CC to Pattern Mutes, as opposed to Global Mutes. I’m trying to control my Digitakt with an external midi controller, and I realized that the MIDI CC for muting only works with Global Mutes…
Anybody noticed that? Maybe I’m missing a setting or something?

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Are you sending 94?

Indeed I am, kind sir.
Works for Global Mutes (green) and not for Pattern Mutes (purple).

I guess you can only control global mute then as thats the only CC for mute listed.

Bummer… Maybe something can be added in future updates?

Also I’m having an issue using the solo CC control. It simply doesn’t work…


I am wondering if someone found a solution to send a CC message to make a pattern mute instead of a global mute. Any suggestion? Or is the global mute the only one you can control via CC?

Trianglewave: for the solo option, I do the following:
If I want the track 1 to be solo, I send seven CC94 (Global mutes) to the other 7 tracks at the same time. It works in my setup.



MIDI CC 110 is pattern mute. I’m not sure why this is documented as CC 66 in the manual but that one does’t work. I had to use MIDI monitor to find it out it was 110. Now working perfectly


Please report this in this topic.

I’m checking for Digitone…
Edit : no CC yet. NRPN only.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Reported in the thread


What do you send for mutes to enable or disable?
Is it 127 or 0 to NRPN MSB to enable/disable? There is no mention in the manual.
I know this is a Digitakt topic, but I’m curious…

I don’t remember, I checked with a midi monitor, Pattern Mute sends 4 CCs (NRPN), but I didn’t check the on/off values.