Pattern change OT from TR8S

Setup my TR8S and OT yesterday. TR8S as master , OT as slave.

I set up pattern changes to be sent from TR8S but then noticed that some patterns dont switch on OT.

Patterns 1-6 on TR8s switch to patterns 1-6 on OT (1-1). But then the next few patterns dont seem to to change on OT when i change pattern on TR8S.

Anything I should look out for? OT is set to “PC recieve” and is on “Auto channel”. Never set any channels on TR8S. Should I set them both to same channel or leave as is?

First of all look up the midi implementation of both devices and set them up so that their protocols line up. This is not always possible: each midi device has its own way of changing/ordering banks/patterns. Without any further information, it’s difficult to help you any further unless someone who uses both devices and did his homework before chimes in…

Ah I see. Will do. All Ive ever done previously using program changes was between AR and A4. They switch 1-1.

I just assumed these 2 would be the same. Obv not

So, Iset both devices to same midi channel (16). OT switches patterns to follow TR8S. All good!!

The only issue I have now is say when I switch TR8S to new pattern it will switches and send program change to OT. However, the OT wont switch at same time if its mid way through a 4 bar pattern. OT only switches at the end of the last bar.

I looked around in menu but couldn’t find any setting to switch instantly. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this is possible but have a look in the manual and look for “Pattern chain behavior”.

Yeh i saw one on pg 37 in manual. By default it was - Chain after = Pattern length.

Other options were 2/16, 3/16 etc all the way up.

Is this what I want?

I just want pattern to switch simultaneously with TR8S but unsure which one id select for this. Would say 8/16 just wait till then end of 1 bar. I want it to switch at same time.

I am working on the same setup. Didn’t reached to program chances yet, but will do later. But why don’t you have OT as master? That way you can also use midi CC lfo’s of the OT to control the TR-8s parameters.

Might try this. The reason I went TR8s as master was due to my preference about audio routing. Im feeding the OT master out into TR8S line input. This is because its easier to turn down master volume of OT using the input knob on TR8S. The other way round its a pain to turn down OT as its master knob on it only does the headphones.

However thers no reason why my midi routing cant have OT as master but leave audio as is.

Saying this though, I would still rather have TR8S as master for midi due to the physical layout of boxes on my setup with TR at front. Plus its easier to see the TR8s’s pattern button/light to see which pattern your on.

Its should work like A4/AR though lol :wink: Both change same time on beat…

Tried with OT as master and TR8 switches on point along with OT. I’ll prob just run this way then.

Dam shame I cant get the OT to switch on point though.

Please let me know how if anyone knows or figure this out.

Hey, can you check one thing for me please. If I change patter on OT, can TR8s switch Vatiations instead of patterns? And OT Banks can switch TR8s patterns?

I dont think this is possible to switch variations. It only switches patterns.

Not sure about other thing. Your OT bank is on a pattern and the TR8s switches to same pattern.

If the OT bank can be setup to send a PC to a different pattern number then Im sure this would work but unsure if this is possible.

Just now it switches patterns in a 1-1 style. Pattern1 OT=pattern 1 TR8S…etc etc

Thank you. Can you explain step by step how to implement MIDI between OT and TR8s so I can change patterns on OT 1:1 with TR8s? I want OT to handle pattern changes. Thank you.

Set OT - send midi Prog ch (page 40)

Set TR8-S - Receive midi Program change. (page 42) -


Thank you. I have followed the guide however, I’ve encountered annoying lag when changing patterns. Please see the following video:

Do you have the same issue? OT is master and sending program changes to TR8s. Pattern doesn’t change properly because of lag that creates gap between pattern change. If I do it only on TR8s, the pattern is changed properly without lag…

So as a workaround I set TR8s as master and I am sending a clock and program changes to OT however… Pattern in OT doesn’t change on the correct beat. It still counting 16 bars instead of following TR8s pattern and changing immediately. It looks like the orange blinking midi messages are not sent causing this. So when pattern is activated on TR8s, OT is thinking that pattern swap supposed to be after next round of 16 steps… I could fix it by selecting “Change pattern immediately” on OT however, OT doesn’t have such a function. 2/16 is minimal… any workaround for this please? Video below: (kick is from OT, perc from TR8s

Are you sure your tr8 is changing patterns in that first video…it looked to me to only be changing the pattern variation(staying on same pattern)…hard to tell.

As my posts above I had to set the OT to master. then TR8 changed on point.


Can you post some photos of the settings you have in the Octatrack for this. Mainly the bank and pattern and CC set up please.

With OT master clock, PChanges should be sent in Midi > Sync menu, not in Midi Note Setup (more appropriate for synth presets changes).

PChanges sent in Sync menu are sent before the end of the current pattern, Pchanges sent in Midi Note Setup are sent at the beginning of next pattern.

OT slaved, with a midi processor, you can have direct pattern change.
You have to map the TR8S PChange to the following messages :

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I have the OT as master and yes I realize that I did get my jd-xa to do it set 1 cc control to 0 and a second to 32 I think then set bank to 85 and pattern to which preset I want. I just cannot figure out the tr-8s.

The TR-8S does not respond to Bank Select messages: just use Program Change messages.


Ok so I just set up the midi channel and set bank to off and program to a number and it should work? Do I need to do any thing in the MIDI NOTE SETUP menu?