Pattern change one bar late issue

thanks mate, i don’t know how song writers did before 2023 without Elektron !

or arranging any of those parts in a linear fashion outside of a DAW

um damn i just noticed this issue myself with a dt / dn combo

none of these solutions fix the issue of the dn being one bar late

has this ever been resolved?

So, this describes your problem, and you’re waiting for the Elektron fix for this bug ?

For any future Nauts who encounter this…

I ran into this issue with OT Mk2 and A4 Mk1. The OT was master clock, with A4 slaved for clock, program change. Because the drums were essentially at double time relative to the melody, I decided to have the OT scaled at 2x time to make sequencing easier. So both machines are at 92 BPM, but OT advances 2 steps for each step on the A4. This resulted in A4 receiving the PC message late from the OT. The problem went away if I scaled the OT track to the same time scale (1x time) or if A4 was master clock. The fact that it goes away if the OT is rescaled sounds like a bug, the PC message isn’t sent and received with enough time for the A4 to react.

The solution was either reprogram the entire track in the OT or let the A4 be master clock and each machine handled its own PC via independent song mode. I took Option B. This meant programming two second identical song chains on the OT and A4. The A4 sent clock and transport (start/stop), and the OT got track mute info from it’s “song” program. It was a bit tedious, but it worked like a charm.

The Model:Blues (Traveller) solves this

Certainly anyone who wants this bug fix prioritized should also email their request to .


Good to hear you found a solution. Sounds like a lot of work.

Did you try setting one track on the A4 to also be 2x scaled? IME if you make the scaling/lengths match, you get far fewer issues.

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It was a bit of a PITA to program the song mode twice, but much less painful than figuring out how to rescale all the 11 or 12 patterns.

Yeah, I think the issue was the scale mismatch, but I didn’t try scaling up the A4. I may try that just to satisfy my curiosity. Next time, I’m definitely starting with all tracks the same scale and working forward from there.

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Still a problem here :confused:

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"Hi Mikhael,

This issue holds top priority in our issue-tracking system, and we’re committed to finding a solution. It is one of the more challenging bugs we’ve faced, which is why it’s taking some time. I hope we can have a solution soon. I personally have to work around this issue quite often, so I fully understand how bothersome it can be.

Kind Regards,

Patrik - Elektron


it’s working as it should when my Digitone is master and octatrack is slave (not when Octatrack is master and digitone slave)

Was there ever a fix for this ?


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I guess after this amount of elapsed time it can now be regarded as a “feature” of the Elektron workflow (since it applies to all 3 digis and the 2 models).

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Guys, you can do this thing as a tweak:

  • Edit midi channel and map parameters in your main Elektron device to receiver for program changing (map correct program change midi channel and set up exact same settings in receiver)

  • Add trig to last page of your sequence and set up condition (e.g 4:4), for triggering program change in exact right time, e.g sequence continues 4 bars of 16 beats, so add trig in your midi track in last page, and manually change pattern in main device.

  • If you want turn program change in receiver, but when you expected, change trig condition to [FILL] and as in Digitakt, turn fill in 3:4 bar for next loop (last bar in 4*16) with [YES] + [PAGE] buttons and after manually change main device pattern.

P.S in song mode it is quite easier to set all pattern changes for external devices in advance

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It might be fixable that way (I can’t say, not an option on my M:S and M:C) but it’s a workaround you shouldn’t need between two elektron boxes. The automatically generated PCs at pattern changes ought to take care of it, and in most cases, they do. It’s just the edge cases that are the problem.

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In my case : Digitakt >> M:C , works great with this tweak, especially in song perspective

Try setting the turning off your added PC trigs and changing the m:c page setting to per-track and see if it still works. I’m pretty sure (on the basis of doing this with m:s >> m:c) that this will show up the problem.

Other people have reported similar problems with other combinations of boxes, and I think it’s always related to the page settings on the receiver.

yes, exactly i faced it previously, so that is why i use new method which can get rid of per-track issue.

All I was trying to say was it’s extra work

  • which you shouldn’t really need to do (because it it works in most cases, but is broken on the edge cases)
  • which is frustrating for many users because it simply looks broken, until (if they’re lucky) they’re on this forum or otherwise discover one of these threads.
  • it’s a workaround which is not available to anyone who is using (by choice or necessity) one of the models as a master.

So, nice workaround, :+1: but it doesn’t change the fact that there’s a problem.

That’s all I was trying to say.