Parameter lock on one step ONLY


I would like to activate an effect only on certain steps of a pattern (say put a reverb only on step 5), so I use a lock trig [Func]+[Trig] on step 5 to change the mix parameter of the reverb. However, the reverb then stays on until the next sample trig. Is there a way of triggering an effect only on one step, and then going back to default on the next step unless there is another parameter lock on that step?


I’m curious as well. Had the same problem but I believe I just held down trig 5 and adjusted the reverb mix to 100 and it kept playing . But I was using a thru machine. The way I got it to work was go up 2/3 steps, and set reverb mix to zero.


Lock trig aka “trigleess lock” the very next step (if it had no note on it already) with the reverb level back down to level you want.



You can also p lock the decay of the reverb on step 5 so that it completely decays by the time it gets to step 6.


Great, that works and is easier than having to do another parameter lock with mix=0 on the next step!

If there was some global parameter that could be set to “only apply p-locks to current step” I would be curious to try that, but I guess it’s not really necessary.


Hmm I think that might be a bit confusing…But I know what you’re saying.

For instance, I’ve noticed on my Monomachine if I turn the delay send on for just step 5, the delay trail will continue until it’s done. Even though the delay send is technically off by step 6, it’ll still keep going. Having an option to turn this off seems like a bit more of a headache…A simple “delay send off” p lock of step 6 suffices, methinks.


Agreed that it would be mostly confusing. I wouldn’t really want to cut the delay or reverb tail, just the send level, so looks like trigless is the way to go.