Panning problem headphone output

Hey guys,
I have a problem with the headphone output of my Syntakt, sometimes the panning works and sometimes not, what could be the reason?

Should be the same as Main outputs. Are you 100% sure the issue is on headphones only?

Are you using Soundlocks ? (track parameters don’t have effect on them).

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via Main output and overbridge the panning works normally, the problem does not always exist only sometimes, very strange.

Could you describe a bit more ?
Everything is mono with your headphones ?
Did you try with other headphones?

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Not being rude here but ensure the jack is fully inserted. I’ve had the odd occasion where this happened and mono resulted.


Have you got other headphones/cable to try - if not the above it could otherwise be a bad connection. I’d assume the cable/jack before the plug, but that’s going to result in a channel dropping - if it’s a mono output that’s a bit odd - I’d have thought the same with the partially inserted but otherwise maybe that’s it.

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lol, it’s the headphones (DT770 PRO), on my hd25 the panning works.

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Yeah, headphone cable intermittencies are maddening. I’ve moved to ones with replaceable cables and now it’s harder to find the OEM cables that aren’t garbage quality or “audiophile” grift :stuck_out_tongue: