Panning issue w/ Roland TR08


I have routed the output of TR08 into the input of Digitone. When I pan the hihat on TR08, it remained centre in Digitone. I have used both dual mono which I pan the input hard left and right, and also stereo input at the LFP master page. Is there another step I have missed?


Just to check, have you connected it to both L and R physical audio inputs? If not you’ll need to use a stereo splitter.

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the parallel out is off - it is output stereo - I have checked the phone and mix output they are stereo but somehow digitone output mono.

Parallel disabled. Tested ableton output onto digitone also comes out mono. Digitone external input dual mono disabled. Balance at centre.

What are you using to listen to your Digitone? Is the output from the internal DN tracks/effects stereo?

Also, what kind of cable are you using from TR08 to DN?

pselodux- good question - problem sorted - flawed cable. Sigh. Thanks everyone.