PALINDROME Techno banger [Analog rytm]


So this is the type of banger I want to hear at a warehouse party.
hope you like it.


Have gotten som nice feedback by Swedish techno-enthusiast, hope some of you enjoyed this as well!


Proper! I have only recently got into Techno, I have quite a particular taste in Techno. I like this a lot.




cool. i dig it.

you wouldnt share the settings for the kick if its AR analog without samples, would you ?


Think it was a 909 sample with lpf and overdrive on it:


ahh thanks for info : )


Sounds good, could see this in a fast mix set (with swift track changes). For me personally i would have included it if there was a few more build-up elements. Keep it up!


thanks for the kind words, will try to incorporate more build-ups next time :slight_smile:


I think this is really good - especially considering its rytm only. I write a lot of techno using just RYTM - it’s a great box.

I would tend to disagree with mbang. I have been playing techno out in clubs lately and there are almost no buildups if you are playing more underground style. There are big drops and builds in commercial techno - the style played in big rooms or festivals. I don’t feel that’s what you’re going for. I don’t think it needs a build, but I would say maybe bring in a second hypnotic element and vary the hithats a little bit. Perhaps a section where the hats suddenly all go away and its just kick, atmosphere, and that rhythmic noisey stab line.

Nice work !


Reminds me of hundreds of night at Globus before leaving for afterhour.
Dig it!


Hey, thanks for the kind words guys!


Wow, 670 streams!