Palette case monotribe

Here is a problem for the modular users out there.

How would you make a supped up monotribe

Inside an Intellijel palette case?

Specifically, I’d like to figure how to include
1 “full” voice with fm
At least 1 Lfo
A kick voice
A snare voice
A hi hat voice or noise source
A master filter
Midi to cv w/ 4 channels
Touch strip for manual control of the synth voice.

I would sequence it with a DT and midi to cv module.

Something I was tooling around with

Curious what the more experienced users think. I’m going for a small case because I’m trying to make something really focused and I found a deal.

Nice idea, but thats very different from a monotribe.

Honestly, I would just add individual outputs for the drum sounds to my monotribe.

The beauty of the monotribe is in its simplicity, and that sequencer. Man that sequencer! Korg were really on to something with that. It’s genius.

Using the ribbon controller to adjust the gate, while flicking the LFO destinatiom switch, and playing extra notes over the top of the sequence, and transposing octaves, while tweaking the filter all at once, manually , is what makes the monotribe so damn cool.


you are totally right.
I won’t be selling my monotribe.

It’s more accurate to say that i want to build a small modular, because modular is really fun and creative in a different way than other instruments i’ve used. I want this modular to take inspiration from the monotribe especially in its playability, accessibility, and user interface. Since I will be using it primarily with my digitakt, that was the sequencer i was planning on using.

your post gave me instant inspiration to go over to my monotribe and start using it in ways i hadn’t before!
I don’t normally switch in between lfo settings to play the sound that it makes. like damn, there are more places for me to explore with it!
I would really like to add some sort of bandpass filter to the drum output…
the ribbon controller is super important, I wanted that to be in the modular too. but i couldn’t give it multiple purposes like on the monotribe.