Pairing the Model Samples with the SH-101

Hi everyone
Anyone has the SH-101 paired with the M:S? The two look great together but can they pair?

Define ‘pair’.

The SH101 does not have midi (unless you modifiy it).

Other than that, what do you mean? The M:S plays samples. The SH101 is an analogue mono synth. :man_shrugging:

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I mean to control the SH-101 using M:S as master. I realize it doesn’t have Midi but is there another way?

Short answer… No.

M:S doesnt do CV/gate.
Check the M:S manual, if it can send midi, then you might look into a midi to CV converter, if you really wanted to go that way. I’m pretty sure the M:S isnt really designed to control other gear anyway, but I could be wrong.

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M:S can send MIDI and you can dedicate a track (or tracks) to sequence external gear via MIDI. The trigs are shared with the internal voice set to that track, so unless you want that Internal track to play the same rhythm/melody as your external gear, you’ll have to mute the audio on that track in the M:S. So you’ll still have 6 tracks, 5 internal, one external.

As said above, your main issue is getting the conversion between MIDI and CV/Gate sorted out.

Well the SH already has a great sequencer so you really could just send clock via something like a Kenton midi cv convertor to the SH clock input.

Or if you got something like an arturia beatstep or a keystep lying around those will work too and may be a more versatile alternative to a dedicated midi-cv convertor.

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Thanks for you answers.

I have the Kenton but that requires CV/gate which the M:S doesn’t have.

I also have the Keystep but that requires to be on internal clock to sequence so it can’t be slaved and record in real time?

This would do the trick I believe. Roland SBX-1. Don’t own one but this would do everything you require AFAIK.

WHICH Kenton do you have? most of their converters are midi to cv/gate. which is exactly what you want. they do however have a cv/gate to midi converter. it’s unlikely you have that, but if you do, you can still at least sync their sequencers.

I have the Pro Solo Mk2 but that requires to plug the Aux 1( clock) into an input which the M:S doesn’t have.

You should be able to use your keystep as a midi-to-cv convertor.

you’re mistaken. you want to send midi from the M:S to the Pro Solo Mk2. this will carry the midi clock from the M:S. you may need to enable sending clock in M:S and set the Pro Solo to output clock on Aux1 instead of cv, as well as what resolution you want the clock. then just plug the aux1 output to the SH-101 clock input. this will clock the SH-101 sequencer.

alternatively, you can just sequence the SH-101 from the M:S. it allows you to dedicate a track to sequencing an external synth. so do this for one track. then just set the Pro Solo up to receive midi from the M:S and configure it accordingly for the SH-101’s cv and gate inputs.

these may help:

Thanks everyone it worked! :rainbow: