Pairing Squarp Pyramid with Syntakt

Hello everyone,

I use Pyramid to sequence my dawless gear (atm mostly Nord Drum3p, Blackbox, Microfreak and 0-Coast) and I’m quite happy with it - I just felt the need to integrate a nice groovebox to my setup to add drums and synth sounds here and there.
Is it possible to run Syntakt in slave mode and still get a decent workflow together with Pyramid beeing my main sequencer?
Both sequencers have different strengths and it would be great if they would complement each other, but I’m not shure if pairing these two devices is a good idea…



I recently bought a pyramid to pair with my OT/DT sequencing combo and I think it’s great. They complement each other very well in my opinion.

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I am about to receive my ST and have my Pyramid for sale :wink:

Pyramid is a great compliment, I use it with rytm and Syntakt. Instead of waiting for Elektron to release a more linear and full length sequencer, I think Pyramid is the answer to adding traditional song elements quickly

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