Pad/track ”disabled”

Hi Rytm users!

I have a Rytm Mk2 unit and here’s what happened:

Suddenly I came to a strange situation where first of my tracks (BD) seems to be disabled. If I choose any kit or pattern I don’t hear a sound or see flashing light when hitting pad. First I thought that I somehow managed to break this pad but fortunately this isn’t the case. I can still choose this track for editing but playing (either with finger or seq) is muted. Also if I choose another project this BD works normally. So I have messed up some higher level parameter or caused a bug in this particular project.

Any idea what I have done accidentally and how to fix it? Of course I can delete this “corrupted” project but anyway it would be great to know what has happened?

Thx for any help,

Not assigned to main out - Search for Track Routing section in the pdf

Thanks for reply @avantronica but that seems not to be the issue here. In that weird project every track 12/12 is routed to main. In fact if you de-route a track to main you can still hear FX (if there is) and play (when you hit pad it responds with flash). In this “corrupted” project BD track/pad is kind of dead: no this white color flash when you hit pad and no sound. But as I said earlier, you can still choose this track normally (press TRK and BD and see red light).

One more hint: in sequencer inputting steps are colored yellow not normal red. And no sound.


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Turn SYN on in trig settings.


@FrankLeone In fact I already deleted this strangely behaving project. But still I am curious to understand what caused this issue. So I tried your idea. Yes, it can mute a track but I guess this was not the case in my original situation. When “Synthesis trig” is “off” hitting pad still makes white flash and inputting sequencer trigs are normally red.

(check above how it was originally: seq trigs were yellow and pad did not respond to hit)

P.S. I can hear/see some anomalies in Rytm behavior which I believe are bugs. For example, sometimes I don’t hear any delay in some track even if has full value… There are other strange things too which are maybe my lack of understanding. For example, in AR808-kit you hear a click sound on BD-track even though both analog and sample engines have 0-level…??