Pad light staying on all the time?


So my snare light has decided to stay orange, even if that is not the instrument selected ?

Also on the mute screen it stays yellow and generally flickers on and off on most screens.

Hardware failure ? anybody else had this ?

Ok so I have recorded the issue here


I have exactly the smae problem only it happens on another pad: LT6

Has anybody found a solution to this problem?


I would say that the sound on that pad gets triggered. Maybe loop on with long decay or release or something…


If it’s similar - Looks like something to discuss through with support imho


Thanks. I have created a support ticket at Elektron about this issue. Will keep you posted.


I don’t have mine now, but sent it off to Elektron, which they fixed, also fixed a bias on the master out, which was playing one channel loader than the other on mono output.

Speedy service too, props.



It’s not dead, I was updating it, if somebody buys one second hand, they might not feel so alone when it happens to them. Stop being a hipsta.


Not sure what s hipsta about it.

Saw a 2 year old thread being revived with no new information other then registering another occurance of the issue, which i guess could be useful somehow, so please accept my apoligy for a perhaps too rude reply.