P-locking trigs per scene: possible?


Hi, is it at all possible to change p-locks on a per-scene basis? Like: scene 1=trig1 pitch p-locked +3, and scene 2 = trig 1 pitch p-locked +5

I couldn’t find a way to do that. Sorry if I missed the obvious!


No but you can change scenes with midi loopback.
Edit : yes?


Ah…maybe with lfo depth assigned to scenes…


LFO depth assigned to pitch and scene locked?
Yep, not the fastest way to do that. Using the LFO designer I guess it’s the best then.


:thinking: I guess you want individual settings per trig.
TRCs are usuable too, with only 2 possibilities, FILL followed by a /PRE (-23/384 microtiming)


Yes. Finally I think I’ll copy the track to a second track, change p-locks and use XVOL


Interested in my ultimate scene number control depending on crossfader’s position? :loopy:
Sorry for crap buzzy video, at beginning and 1mn you can see scenes changes depending on crossfader’s position. Incredible possibilities, but brain hurting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Madness!! But I like that. You mapped CC48 values to CC55 and 56 with the midi processor? Cool idea! (And the Ot doesn’t choke at all, quite extraordinary I must say…) BTW my solution (to my own problem) worked nicely, easier than designing custom LFO’s. Halfway in between scenes I get nice harmonies from the two tracks combined. I’m sure I can get some stuff out the OT that can compete with some hi-end Eventides… it’s a machine extraordinaire