Oxidated screws on MD and MnM

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I want to take the front plate out of my MD and MnM. The issue is, the screws are oxidated. So I tried with screwdriver and other types like a torx driver, but they are very tight, and by forcing, I start to destroy the screw’s shape, which could become a problem. I have managed in some of them with a normal flat screwdriver, but others look hard. Any ideas or anybody went through the same process?

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A little releasing oil (sometimes called penetrating oil) should work, but there will be a bit of cleanup involved. A few years back I replaced the screws with stainless steel ones, quite cheap and they won’t tarnish, M3x6 csk hex torx head IIRC.

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exactly, i wanted to replace them too because i see this problem coming.
The object of opening it is actually there is a screw lose inside of the MnM! But after seeing how hard it is to open it, i kinda wanna replace all the screws with quality ones. Do you know the model exactly?
This is gonna be fun translating to german (i live in Berlin) and trying to get “penetrating oil” from a shop or online…

Yeah, translating “penetration oil” verbally may lead to some really funny situations …

Versuch’s mit WD 40. Das ist eine Art Allheilmittel für derlei Sachen und gehört zu der Heimwerker-Trinity (Gaffaband, Kabelbinder, WD 40) - es gibt quasi kein Problem, das sich nicht mit diesen 3 Dingen lösen lässt … :wink:

Andere Tipps:

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I can’t find the thread now, but it seems a slight rattling inside the MD is common - It’s not a screw but something that moves around slightly. Might be the same for your MnM?

Sounds like those external screws need sorting in any case…

Culprit :
Machinedrum Rattle


Yes WD40 should also be fine for this, just never into pots, switches or stuff like that.

LOL @tnussb you dirty boy :laughing:


Any stainless steel M3 x 6mm with countersunk (csk) hex or torx head. Should be about a couple of € for a pack on ebay.de

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Just a little of vinegar on an ear bud and clean the screws with it

i have to say i kinda don’t like the torx format… any flat or X screw type is way easier to deal with.
these are countersunk right? sorry, not an expert in screw types.

I have ballistol and other types of grease for knob or fader use(hardly ever use it, but sometimes its the easiest… not on an elektron machine lol but maybe old mixers). Even Olive or coconut oil must help. Getting organic, exotic and creative here.

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it really needs new screws…they look like they will disintegrate soon.