Overlapping MIDI notes

So I’ve been using the OT as a MIDI sequencer, which works okay so far. I have an issue though: I can not get notes to overlap. It is fine if the notes start at the same time (you use the chord feature), but not if they don’t (like playing a broken chord). Let’s illustrate:

Note 1: ---------------------
Note 2: ---------

Note 1: ------
Note 2: ---------

Do I have to use two or more MIDI tracks for this, or can it somehow be done with only on track?

If you want to do that, you’ll have to use multiple tracks. The OT MIDI sequencer is essentially paraphonic.

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I recently ran into this same blocking issue and figured out a work around. Assign one of the knobs to use Sustain CC.

It seems to work pretty well as far as I can tell. Sure you can’t do intricate note overlaps but if you’ve seen any piano player they use the sustain pedal quite extensively to get that effect.

Sustain controller (CC 64)

When you want your notes to either not hang anymore make a trigless lock to reset the CC value to 0. :slight_smile:


Has any of the recent versions fixed this behavior, I wonder?


This is why I bought a Pyramid, which is ‘what you play is what you get’

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is there a possibility to create ties using notes? e.g. if you want to have notes slide, if thats a thing your synth supports

Not sure what ties is but maybe Legato in arp page is what you’re looking for.

LEG controls the legato of the arpeggiator. This setting will affect the note trigs of the track even if the MODE setting is set to OFF.


Yes, Arp Legato locked to on at the second note (the note you’re sliding to) and extending the note length of the first note (the note you’re sliding from) creates note ties/slides.


cool thx! yep legato is exactly what i’m looking for, but the feature is called a tie in many other seqs


Sexy, no ?


uh love it