Overhub PSU?

Tried sifting through the various Overhub threads but couldn’t find anyone saying they’d found a compatible power supply.

Has anyone figured this out? I can read the power specs and center positive and whatnot that’s silkscreened on the box just fine but wouldn’t know how to measure/describe the size of the barrel.

I found 2 on amazon that seem to have the right specs. I’m giving this one a try, and should have it within the next week:

There’s also this one:

if anyone has any experience with these, i’d love to know!

I’ve got an “universal” PSU and the plug that works is labeled 3.5X1.35

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I also wanne give my Overhub a powesupply, because beside 2 Elektron Boxes, an iLock dongle there is also a Motu Midi micro light on the hub which is powered by usb only. And sometimes it stops working so I guess it doesn´t get enough power from the hub.

I have a universal power supply with 4,5v. Should that work? Don´t want to damage the overhub

Hi andyhsong - I’m curious, how did these adapters work out for you? I need to get a PSU for my Overhub and would love to hear your review.


I also want to know this.

I missed this topic! Here are the exact specifications for the PSU. It should be helpful when looking for a compatible unit:

Voltage: 5 Volts DC
Maximum Amperage: 3 Amps
Coaxial Power Connector Diameter: 3.5mm outside, 1.35mm inside.
Polarity: Positive center


Anyone found a good one for Australia? I have emailed a few electronics stores with the specifications…will reply here if I get a good lead

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Hi, I struggled to find something suitable in the UK. There were suitable PSU’s on Amazon but they had bad reviews - unstable voltages that I didn’t fancy risking with such an expensive hub. I opted to go this route.

and one of these

Hope that’s of help to someone :slight_smile:

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Such a shame one wasn’t included in the Elektron offer (even for a higher price), now everyone is left with trying stuff out, which can result in damage to our machines. I just can’t wrap my head around such a bad decision… I suppose I’ll have to buy a few real hubs off Amazon with proper cabling to make up for Eletron’s failings and hope for the best. Sigh…

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Many devices do not need a powered hub, including the Elektron ones, so it makes perfect sense that they shouldn’t include the PSU imho, especially as it would have bumped the price up

Let’s be honest, sourcing a correct PSU isn’t rocket science, it may be tricky to find the right one, but it’s easy to avoid the wrong ones, so no damage need ensue

All you need to source is an MTT hub, perhaps some chip sets in said hubs are fickle with certain PCs but there are plenty of threads on this topic, I sourced a perfectly fine cheap Hub before OverHub came out just by reading those threads

Elektron removed the need for anyone to need to do this and they’ve also provided the specs required to source your own psu - not a lot to be getting frustrated about in that picture imho … although, perhaps a 7-port hub is statistically likely to end up hosting a few devices in need of power

as has been mentioned the hub could theoretically be used to drive a lot of mA hungry devices or maybe it need only power one or none - should they provide a hefty 3A PSU just to cater for the one extreme or allow end users to find their own solutions for their own configs !

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As avantronica says above, replacing/sourcing PSU’s isn’t rocket science. You just have to be careful of voltage, polarity, and whether it’s AC or DC - current isn’t such an issue. Not enough current will mean the device probably won’t work, and a few amps over just means there is enough beef in the PSU to run the device. The device will only draw the current it needs.

Be careful with aftermarket PSU’s from Amazon and Ebay. I always test the voltage beforehand after having had some damage to equipment from faulty cheap PSU’s.

I tend to keep all better quality working PSU’s for future use - laptop ones especially IBM/Lenovo are often 3 amps and above at both 5 and 12 volts - ideal for lots of devices. I replaced the PSU to a Netgear hub recently with a laptop one - works great.

The device I posted above I happened to have one in my spares box. I can confirm it works perfectly and allows 3 hard drives, my virus, push, and midi interfraces to be plugged in to the Overhub with no issues.

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Thanks for the tip and link on a working adapter, the seller doesnt ship outside of the UK though. Do you have another link to one which could be send to the netherlands?

Next to a AR i have a soundcard, a push2, a deepmind12 and a MPClive in the hub. The soundcard makes a peeping noise, even when its not connected to the computer, i hope a powersupply will help

…can’t imagine that you cannot get a standard PSA in any electronic shop in the netherlands. But - I don’t think that’s a good idea to run an audio interface over a hub. It’s more likely that the noise is caused by a lack of overall bandwith.

Can anyone help me and link me to the correct PSU in a german store or amazon? I’m afraid to choose the wrong one.

Sure, I got this one:

It works, but the jack is a bit long and the PSU itself is a bit clumsy.
My first one had a little flaw, but I called the reseller and they sent me a new one without any problems…good service.

This PSU is smaller and should also work with the right adapter, but I can´t confirm, as I don´t own it, though I really like the smaller size. I´d buy this one next time, if I would need a new PSU:


thanks for the recommendation! i guess i will take the second one and let you know if it fits.

Seems that my Overhub get 5VDC 4A and not 3A (I have the Overhub with the white logo)…
Also in the manual It says: Power in for AC adapter, 5V DC 4 A.

Im lost…
Pretty confusin that in the manual u don’t even get more info about the small type connection which hard to find. :frowning:

For European users that are looking for a 5VDC 4A adapter: I have ordered & tested https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07N6KFKGL/ref=pe_3044141_189395771_TE_3p_dp_1 with success. The jack is a bit long, as M8 reported with another adapter as well. But it works like a charm. :slight_smile:


Going to ask this as well, because above, @Ess has said above 3A max, but the manual I have for the Overhub states the specs as such: AC adapter, 5 V DC 4 A.

@Ess, can you clarify?

As an aside, I’m getting a bad noise/buzz (does not sound like a ground loop hum) coming from the Minilogue XD module when I plug it into my Overhub, but straight into the computer, it’s fine. The Overhub works fine with all Elektron gear and my Waldorf Blofeld. Is there some kind of known incompatibility between Korg and the Overhub? I was hoping a power adapter might fix this, and happened upon this thread.

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