Overhub psu uk?

Hey guys,

Anyone got a shop link for a Power Supply (UK pins) for the Elektron Overdub?

Cheers in advance!

I would like to know the same thing! even a European plug official suggesttion might be good.
I will be trying this one I will let you know if it works. Apparently the plug is 3.5 mm


So … does anyone found a good fitting PSU in UK or EU? Thanks!

Also interested to know!

If anyone in UK is looking for this, I just found this on Ebay:

The connector (5.5mm/2.1mm) does not match the connector in OverHub (3.5mm/1.35mm), so it needs an adapter. If you don’t have one, this set includes the correct adapter:

Here is the Elektron document that contains the spec required:

Hi - I’m in the UK and I need to power my Overhub because I want to start charging stuff through it and powering external SSDs etc. I can’t find a power supply that fits the specifications exactly, but does anyone know if this would work:

I’m kind of stuck here unfortunately. I would love to be able to use the USB hub to it’s full potential, its kind of just sitting here currently.

I wouldn’t use a 2 A PSU when Overhub requires 4 A.

I couldn’t find exact match in UK. I settled for this combination of PSU and adapter, and it works fine.

Thanks for the info.

By “proper desktop style PSU” do you mean something with the “body” and wall plug separate?

I presume you will be measuring the voltage of whichever you buy? Would you mind updating us here if it conforms?

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Thank you!