Overhub/Overbridge Issue

Hello all!

Just received my overhub the other night plugged it into one of my usb3 ports on my pc and connected my rytm and A4 up I have the latest OS’ installed on the devices and 1.0 OB installed on my PC running win 10 when I plugged in the overhub my os stated there wasn’t enough usb bandwidth . I don’t understand since overhub is suppose to be able to handle 7 OB devices. I am only using two and went into the OB Control panel and selecting only stereo outs on both machines for at this time the most minimal routing. I got it to work in ableton sort of, after 15 to 20 minutes the control panel software would crash and i would have to restart my machines to get it working again. In the span of 2 hrs it crashed 5 times. I’m at a loss on how to get this working stable, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Use a USB 2.0 hub in between, Overhub seems to not like 3.0 ports. Some 3.0 ports seem to work according to some lovely users here, but my MacBook says one maxed out Elektron, the second one at 2 in 2 out max unless I use a 2.0 hub before over bridge.

Same thing happening here. I submitted a ticket.

Used a 2.0 hub also and had the same issues : /

Does the multi TT functionality work with a usb 2.0 hub in between?

Same problem here. Blue screen when i load the AR plugin in a 32bit live running on a 64bit w7

Hi! Ive just updated all my elektron machines and they stopped working with ableton. But when I unpluged them from the overhub and plug them directly on my imac started working again. Any ideas?? It was working with the older firmware and overbridge version.


There was no response to my question so I contacted elektron’s support they answer me real fast, OB 1.10 has problems with usb hubs in general. Something to pay attention to if you are thinking of update soft and hardware.

Hi, Sorry to hear that. Both good and bad news are that the current driver has an issue with USB hubs in general, so it is most likely due to that rather than your Overhub being broken. Our recommendation is to not use a hub with Overbridge 1.10, as it could exhibit issues such as this. We hope to solve this problem soon, sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, Simon M


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I’ve had problems as well. But didn’t really jump on the train until 1.10. So I’ve had nothing to compare with. And (to be honest) was a bit lazy to be bothered with de-bugging.

This is both nice to know - and a bit of a shame. I really need the instruments on a hub - or I’ll have no usb ports left. But cool if it’s a known issue - and they’re working on it.

From the other side of the coin, i’ve had no problems running Ableton + MOTU + TB3 + TR8 + A4 + RTYM all from a Macbook Pro 2014 & Overhub.

Maybe i’m just lucky, but I didn’t think the issue was widespread?

I’m running OB 1.10 & an Overhub with an A4 and all is fine.

I’m on a PC and not a Mac though.

Hi, folks,

i want to give you my experience with a MacBook Pro (mid 14) and USB driven AUDIO/Midi devices, e.g. ELEKTRON and VIRUS.

For years my troubling device was my Virus TI2 with the Virus Control Plugin, the TI is a great sounding machine, but act like a diva with the VC Plugin (and SPDIF ) I spend days of testing configurations with USB HUBs (spa. USB 2.0 MTT’s) … always trouble…

Now i gone to EL Capitan and suddenly the Virus Control Diva is very calm. and running… but OVERBRIDGE is now the Diva …
spez. with OVERHUB and !BOTH AK AND AR!
e.g. mostly only one ist streaming at the same time with overbridge.

After reading this topic, i changed my setup:

My USB Driven Devices, spez. the Virus TI now running well with OVERDUB, connected to an USB 3.0 Port, using all ports !

The AK and AR running over the USB 2.0 MTT Hub connected to the USB 2.0 port of the my Thunderbolt Display… normal USB 2.0 … this was the Hub for my TI ! … and all works.

Maybe Elektron should ask the guys from ACCESS, how they solved the AUDIO/MIDI-USB Connection.

Nice Detail: the support from access said over years, access will not change their integration till APPLE handle their BUG inside their USB integration!
I suppose, they did :wink:

excuse my bad english, i am native german.
and i learned a new word:

fellow [url=“http://www.linguee.de/englisch-deutsch/uebersetzung/sufferer.html”]sufferer

love 2 all

Hey thank you for contacting Elektron support about this and posting their response.
I’ve been having some flaky issues here and there with Overhub and I was wondering what was going on. I’ve been working through them but this fix might resolve some frustration. Thanks again!

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i just noticed that using a rhythm on one hub and a a4 on the other on my macbook air is doing the trick. it seems that there are just problem with 2 electron devices on one hub. seems to work well when other devices are on the hub.
hope this is stable now

@yentz I for sure would contact Elektron support to see if they have any recommended solutions. The USB hub thing is quite a shock and a bummer (though now it makes sense with the problems I’ve been having since v1.10 came out). Especially since Elektron charges $65US for their own branded device.
I certainly wouldn’t back-rev my gear unless they told me to, that seems scary!

I completely redid my system going from mavericks to el captain yesterday.
The system worked fine yesterday but is completely unusable today.
Going back to yosemite and hope to get a stable install there.
If not I am not sure what to do.
I contacted elektron with another issue before. The customer support wasn’t really helpful so I am not going this route again.
If there is no other way I will bin over bridge and go analogue again.
I really had it with shitty computer problems and configuration - actually this is one of the reasons i got back to hardware. It will be a substantial investment to get more ad converters and a clock generator but then I might sell some electron stuff and get a jomox instead of the ar and add a mfb device.
Maybe they will come up with a solution at musikmesse. If not I am probably going to sell. I want to make music in my very limited time and not trying to solve computer problems.
A pitty as I really started liking the machines. But as there is no way to downgrade the os and the current situation isn’t useable at all there is no other way :frowning:

funny thing is that everything worked perfect with 1.0 - and i can’t go back.

The whole thing just sucks. Really tempted to buy a ticket for frankfurt and visit the electron booth with a couple of big bad friends

I guess this still isn’t fixed as i spent a few hours trying to get my rytm and A4 to work with overbridge using the overhub.
Took the A4 out of the hub and plugged it straight into mac and it works.

I know its an old thread but i thought it may help others with same issues.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. Spend 70 quid for a “special” hub which won’t won’t as advertised with 2 machines connected.

Will have to sell that crap as I already own a hub without flashy elektron logo which works fine.

…is Overhub working now?