Overhub just died.. what should I get


So, the really poorly soldered connection on my Overhub just broke away (on the Overhub itself) and I’m looking to replace it with another powered hub.

Any thoughts on what to get? I have a latest gen Macbook Pro with USB C… I don’t use Overbridge but have plenty of accessories connecting to my Macbook so need something that is built to last and high quality. Ideally future proof too - to be able to stream audio through multiple ports… MTT even relevant with USB 3 or C?

Thank you all for the suggestions.


I read this whole post as “overbridge” and thought this entire thread was a shitpost…


Don´t think it is has to be MTT with USB 3 anymore.
I have some Anker-Hubs, but I can´t comment on usability with overbridge. I even read somwehre sometime in the internet that at least some of them actually have MTT. Good quality & much cheaper than the Overhub with it´s lousy soldering on the USB 3.0 Micro B Host connector.


This cheap MTT Hub works perfect for me…https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00Z36ZTSO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Why not just open it up and re-solder the connection?


i’ve got overhub and i rarely use it. the company i bought it from sent a whacky power supply so it always feels like im going to break it when I plug it in.

i use a cheap Anker powered usb hub from amazon and it’s been going strong for years.

I totally recommend Anker.


I’ve got two of these and they work fine.


I bought my overhub in a bundle from Alto Music because it included the power supply. They ended up sending one with an adapter to fit the overhub and it too hung out way to far at the barrel. Pretty frustrating, luckily a friend gave me a Lenovo Web book that uses the apropriate adapter for Overhub as well, plus it’s right angle.

The power input definitely seems to be a major culprit on these ad I’ve seen many second hand that state having broken power inputs. I don’t how tough of a resolder.


I think that’s the same company that got me with that adapter piece!


+1 on fixing the one you have. If you plan on tossing it out anyway, then there’s nothing to lose!


Oh, and ask Elektron: it might be still under guarantee, or they could offer some repair maybe, who knows?


“Why you’re selling cheap built products like the Overhub at a premium price?”

Should have been a question at the Elektron Panel Talk…


Thanks guys - I am going to settle for one from Amazon. Agree the Anker stuff is pretty solid.

@Hawk @Mistercharlie Re the resoldering, it seems like its a very easy fix so i will attempt that regardless but after I contact Elektron first. @LyingDalai if its 3yr warranty as with their boxes, then I should be covered).


I for one had no luck with resoldering: Bought a new USB 3.0 Micro B Host connector, but the old one broke in a way directly on the pcb track (conductor path) itself so there that was no chance to resolder it. @Elektron The USB 3.0 Micro B Host connector is the Achillis tendon of the Overhub.


would it be possible for you to sell me the rest of your overhub experience? :innocent: