Overbridge with two devices

Ok, maybe the question was here before, buut did you ever tried digitakt and analog four mk2 multichannel record at the same time?

I would like to record a multichannel live session

I only can choose one asio driver… so than I can only have a multichannel record with one device a the same time??

I use studio one…

Cheers and thanks!


Create an aggregate device

I think, one should load the vst/au plugins in the daw and than route the channels from the plugin to audio channels/inputs in the daw. works fine for me with live 10 on windows and ar and a4 mk1… to my understanding the asio usecase is just for using one elektron device as your main soundcard…


Yep. One of the main reason why the Overbridge VST (not the driver) exists at all is to overcome this “only one sound card at a time” problem for all supported platforms by working as a kind of additional audio interface (wrapped into a VST) itself.

As @nionmu already said: don’t configure your DAW to use the Elektron device as soundcard, but utilize the Overbridge VST. This way you can use quite a lot Elektron devices at the same time (up to as much as your computer can handle).

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Thank you for your help! It should be clear now :slight_smile:

Greetings from Hamburg

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hey there! for me it doesn’t really seem to work that way…
so i have overbridge 1.15 on my ar MK1 and a4 MK1 configured to utilize a maximum amount of channels at 16bit. as the soundcard for ableton i have selected my presonus audiobox48sl. i created midichannels with the overbridge plugin and the respective amounts of audiochannels taking the inputs from those hub channels. but it seems to work as it should only on one device at a time… so i always have silence from one of the devices (nothing appears in the audiochannels in the daw, but also not in the overbridge controlpanel) while the physical outputs work… could something be wrong?