Overbridge, Win10, OS 1.46B, RYTM MK2

Hi all:

Just got an RYTM MK2 a couple days ago. I managed to get the OS updated to 1.46-beta which I understand is the first compatible with Overbridge? I also downloaded and installed the Overbridge 2.X beta for Windows and installed that. I’m running Win10 Pro. Rebooted as per instructions. I have a MIDI port that says RYTM but when I try to connect to the device in Overbridge it can’t seem to find the RYTM.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Did you put the Rytm in overbridge mode?

Well quite honestly I missed that. Just switched it and I got a windows notification that the firmware is not compatible with Overbridge. What’s that about? I’m running 1.45B on the RYTM MK2.

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Check against the details here:

EDIT: I re-sent the OS to the RYTM and now it works.

I’m confused @PeterHanes, I am currently running Overbridge Version Beta on a Win10 Pro PC. The RYTM has 1.46 beta on it. What am I doing wrong? I read through the thread you linked to and I didn’t see anyone having my specific issue.

Just to be clear, Overbridge installed correctly on Windows 10 Pro. This is the first version of Overbridge ever installed on this machine. I rebooted the machine per the instructions. I have power cycled the RYTM and toggled between Overbridge and MIDI-over-USB modes. Every time it goes to Overbridge, the Windows notification pops up saying the firmware is incompatible. If I manually launch the Overbridge RYTM on its own, it cannot find any device.

I’m really struggling here, and I’m starting to get pretty frustrated. I’ve owned the Monomachine, Machinedrum UWMK2, Octatrack MK1, Analog4 MK1, and now the RYTM MK2 and one of the big selling points to be was the integration with the PC. I didn’t realize that the MK2 units were being sold for so long without any Overbridge support. Then I see a litany of problems with the beta firmware and beta Overbridge in the thread you linked to. Consider me a bit upset right now.

Thank you for trying to help me, is there anything else I should try?

I am okay now with my MK2 after some hassle, but that OB is only working since a month or so and only with an unstable Beta1, is quite outrageous.

And there are more bugs for years not getting fixed, which basicly do not allow you to access functions described in the manual. It feels they will never be.

Unfortunately the complains are not enough it seems… so I feel you.

Did you contact support about this?

@MultipleChoice I posted in the thread that Peter linked to about the Beta. I stated my issue, along with my resolution. When I bought my mono machine and my Machinedrum, both were fairly well-developed even early in their lifecycle. I was an early adopter of the Octatrack which turned me off to Elektron for almost a decade. They sent me an unfinished product. I was a paying beta tester for the Octatrack, that’s how terrible it was in the early days.

I got an A4 to this day, used an octatrack for a year or so (then it was sold). I also use an MK1 frequently, but got an MK2 for myself since I fell for “it is the same but with more features” text.

I like it, but I still think to myself sometimes - you could have got something more polished for half the price…

This thread below is also something I do not understand how a rational user can not support. I understand any reasons from the other (Elektrons) side, but it is strange, how the users themselves are justify things like that… Clearly we as users need this - or a finished products.