Overbridge weird sync issue with external instrument synth in ableton

Wonder if anyone can help me out with a weird issue I’m having with Overbridge.

So using the Rtym & A4 I can record to audio perfectly in sync which is great. perfect actually.
So Recently I bought a Minilogue xd, had a play around, record to audio perfectly in sync (Great)

Now the problem begins if I have Overbridge and say the rtym open the minilogue will record the audio signal out of sync, not late but it’s coming in early. If I turn delay compensation it comes in late (but then I can’t compensate of course)

If I delete overbridge from my project the korg records in sync again.

Any ideas?
I was supposed to spend the day making music but instead I’ve been pulling my hair out over this syn issue that seems to be being caused by overbridge.

Thanks in advance

I just got the Rytm & Four and I experienced the same issues,
Finally got it sorted out, think it’s because overbridge is like a different soundcard.
and your soundcard for your synths are different.
I set the synth to -100 ms delay in midi options and have delay compensation on and reduced delay when monitoring on and it seems to be working good now,
Sending midi to the Rytm or A4 I’m setting-100 on the track and it syncs…

Just make sure to adjust delay compensation it in the options menu.
if you do it on a track it will affect the FX like delay/sidechain etc

Thank you so much think I’ve figured it out from your comment.
I didn’t think about overbridge acting like a soundcard so that is where I went wrong.