Overbridge Update re: Model Samples

Model: Samples wasn’t on the lineup for Overbridge when announced, have any changes been percolating on this?

I was under the impression with audio over usb that there is no ‘technical’ reason why this wouldn’t work, more of a business decision?

Rumors, gossip, speculation on this?

It’s a business decision , but since M:S is class compliant, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Overbridge is needed on the other devices to get USB audio out, it’s not on the M:S (albeit just a stereo mix).

Then again, I am on the record as saying that the M:S won’t get sample locks…

Actually they have enough on their table to get it working for the devices they have already announced it for (since years I may add).

I guess they have learned their lessons to not announce something until it’s really done … :wink:

(… which is definitely a good thing for them and customers …)

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What would be nice is simple class compliant multichannel audio as happens in many devices. Six channels into the daw with no driver required.


dreaming of just this… could be great for live multi-tracking

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Am I missing an updated version or am I correct in seeing that Model Samples is not included in being able to use Overbridge? If I am correct in seeing that it’s not compatible, will that change? Otherwise, what version am I missing? Thanks for the not tearing me apart about this.

It seems somewhat unlikely

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to be totally frank, that sucks.
I know Model samples is kind of the “dumbed down” elektron tool, but sure do think it might be nice to be able to use all the same tools as the other models, especially say, in the sense that if this is the gateway synth to other elektron instruments, you might possibly be able to work with the software and eventually be able to transfer stuff over and such if you were to upgrade.

It’s not just the “dumbed down” tool, it’s the cheaper.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t have different USB chipsets incapable of handling the speeds the bigger siblings were specced for.

It’s not possible to transfer stuff between any of the machines. So what you do on your m:s is confined to the m:s just as what you do in the dt applies only to the dt, etc. the m:s does come with class compliant usb audio though Which non of the other devices have.

You’d be amazed about how many people were calling for class compliant audio on the other boxes instead of overbridge about a year ago.

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