Overbridge startup message

Hello, I have a question about a sentence I don’t understand:

The device should be sequenced or synced from within the DAW via the plugin’s track.

That mean I can’t use the killer Elektron sequencer ? I have to use the sequencer in my DAW ?
Or just I have to sync the DT with my DAW and I can work as usual on the machine ?


No, you can still use the Elektron sequencer. It just means that clock/sync should come from the DAW, not an external MIDI device


Thanks for explaining … that text made me feel uncomfortable as well - thought the same thing! @Elektron you really should change that text to make it more clear!


Thank you, I tried to just sync with DAW, it work well. When it’s in OB mode, the tempo is locked to my DAW, so It’s cool.
I succeed to setup my 8 separate tracks + 6 input of my soundcard. Everything in sync. Thanks OB, I now have EQ per track and advanced filter :slight_smile: