Overbridge skipping

I have in the past had some audio issues when using Overbridge [some glitchy distortion and some bending] But today I am hearing an audible skip from my Rytm and the occasional bend from my A4.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

Its a bit concerning as I have a live set on soon.

Ableton lIve 9.6.7
Analog Rytm Mk1
Analog A4 Mk1
Overbridge 1.15.0
Over Hub USB port
MAC Book OS High Sierra 10.13.4

MAC Book OS High Sierra 10.13.4

That is your issue right there. Every new OS comes with issues, and we are waiting for OB 1.2 that has the fix for the new USB drivers in High Sierra. I find that my AR MKi bends occasionally with just the USB plugged in, without playing it through Ableton.

Also, I upgraded to Live 10 and the reliability has increased slightly. If you have $80 and are looking for marginal improvement, the intro version of Ableton 10 wouldn’t be a bad thing to have for your show (though I don’t know how many native instruments you use). This might have mixed results at the moment though, as there is variance across systems. But going forward (especially OB 1.2 release) having updated software should alleviate certain issues, as developers always try to use the latest version.

In all honesty, OB doesn’t currently stand up to “mission critical” uses. You might be better off finding an analog mixer and some cables if you want to sleep well the night before your show.

Related link (issues with Sierra late in 2016):

Thanks for the response and I hope they sort it out soon as OB was one of the key decision factors when choosing the elektron kit.

I have bought a pair of these:

and I will use my sound card on the night. I just need to work out a bit of routing and settings so that everything is synced ok. I used to work like this until overbridge.

If you’re just using the AR and the A4, I might recommend ditching the laptop/mixer and just plugging the AR into the A4 for the effects (not vice-versa - the AR input circuitry isn’t great). The A4 inputs sound great, and I’ve never been able to get as nice of a sound from my Komplete Audio 6.

I guess it would ultimately depend on how you are sequencing it/whether you are using Ableton’s effects, but I’ve had a lot of success using daisy-chained Elektron boxes. Currently I have a Rytm, Digitakt, and Digitone running through a Yamaha MG06X mixer with the Digitakt running to the input of the Digitone and the Rytm on the main mixer input. The sound is pristine with and there is zero latency.

Thanks for the recommendations.

I have routed through the A4 as you suggested.

My Set is part Ableton running samples along with my Elektron kit.

I am playing at this event where there is a improve/Jam to start so I use Link. Modular users have an phone app they use to sink. Then later I am performing my own stuff.

See the link below, If your in North London drop by all welcome: