Overbridge recording: Dude, where's my tails?!?

I record from Digitakt via Overbridge to Audition CC, recording every track individually. It works great, except that all those amazing effect tails (delay especially) disappear!

I noticed while laying a track where I have a section, where I improvise over the drum beat while playing the feedback of the delay. Now when I listened back to it, there was also the drums.

I really like when the pattern changes in overbridge the “tails” of the last patterns samples, as long as they are muted on the new pattern, overlapse on t the new pattern, which I find super cool and musical. However, when I listen back the recordings, the tails have not been recorded?

I have the newest firmware (1.11 I believe) and only got my Digitakt few months ago. Anybody had this issue before? Could his be de to Adobe Audition somehow? The the tails seem to be there when I record the main outputs left and right, and I definitely hear them in my monitors.

Did you route individual tracks out , and forget to record the main outs ( where the fx are )

Fx don’t go out the individual outs.


The delay is a send effect, not per track. You’ve probably noticed that when you go into the Delay page on the DT, changing those parameters affects everything you’re sending to the delay. The OB manual goes over routing for the tracks, would be good to read through if you haven’t yet.