Overbridge Outputs to Rytm


Hi guys,

I haven’t explored using OB to send signals from Ableton to the Rytm.

Would you someone mind outlining whats possible?

From the OB manual it seems to appear that they arrive after the filter and overdrive stages - and so if this is the case; what would the uses be for sending audio into the Rytm?

As I would certainly use the Rytm’s filter and Overdrive circuits to warm up sounds from Ableton, but appears this isn’t possible?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


It’s possible! I’ve sent tracks from ableton to the rytm for processing (filter, overdrive, fx) and recorded back into live. It’s a lot of fun and not too difficult to set up.

No use in talking about it. Try it!


Thanks for your input :slight_smile: Will try it now


I am trying to figure out how to send tracks from Ableton into the rytm. I just can’t seem to figure it out. How is it done? is it even possible with a separate audio interface working? I`d be really happy if someone could help!


first you have to enable output tracks in the ob control panel. then start ableton and load the rytm plugin.

then in the output track routing matrix thing (dont know what its called exactly :wink:) you have to chose the rytm channel - its under the io section of the channel you want to use, maybe you have to make it visible via the little buttons above the crossfader and other options…

then you have to trigger the voice, you want to send the signal to, in the ryrm once to hear something…

also be careful with audio routing and feedback, start at low volume…

i had this working, but it was a while ago, so this is all from memory…


Thanks it seems like i figured it out !