Overbridge on Ableton with Digitakt+Digitone+Syntakt

Hello, I’m trying to update my setup including the three Elektron digi boxes connected via USB to Overbridge on Ableton. When selecting the audio device on Ableton I choose my audio inteface as input and output although I’ve seen on some Youtube videos some users selecting any of the devices as input and output… Does anyone have any advice about it? On the other hand, could anyone advice on a three digibox setup how do you manage the FX returns on Ableton.

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Depends on what you want to do. Overbridge opens the possibility of using the DAW as a mixing console and do all audio routing through the DAW. Or just multitrack everything and keep the synths playing through their main outs, if you use the DAW to route the tracks independently you will lose the FX (as those are send FX and only come out through the master channel).

I don’t think I can elaborate much further without knowing what exactly you want to achieve by using Overbridge in the DAW, what’s your plan/objectives?

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Nowaddays I’m connecting the three machines to ableton and there I split all their tracks to do multitrack recording, but on the Digitone and on the Digitack there are no fx retur options as far as I know, do you know how to do it?

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I don’t think there’s a way to do it, they are send FX and so the return of them will always go to the master channel of each machine.

Edit: one way you could capture the mix of the send FX is to remove all tracks from the output of main (just going to the USB soundcard) and using the recording of the master track to get just the FX return. I think it’s messy as you will have the FX over all sounds being sent to it but it’s a way to at least have a recording of just the FX themselves.

What I do when using Overbridge is to forget about the internal FX and use the 3 send FX tracks from the DAW (1 for chorus, 1 delay and 1 reverb, like in the machines themselves) and/or use insert FX in their tracks, usually I go for the latter as it opens up possibilities of sound design and if I need an FX like a reverb to “glue” the mix I use my hardware pedalboard.


Thank you so much for your feedback it is much appreciated,

I’ll try removing all tracks from the main output although it seems easyer to use plugins instead of the Digiboxes effects,

Could I kindly ask you wich reverb, chorus and delay are you using please?

Thank you!!!