Overbridge not seeing digitakt

been seeing this a lot, and i’ve read almost all of the fixes, but can’t seem to figure out whats goin on here.
i’m on os catalina 10.15.7, digitakt 1.20A, overbridge
i uninstalled and reinstalled and allowed the driver, checked in sys info to make sure it wasn’t still disabled, it’s not in there. the overbridge box is checked on the digitakt, so i have run out of options. anyone have any more suggestions?

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Does this happen all the time, or haphazardly? I’m having my AH and DT randomly say " Please select device!". I have to switch the machine off and on again. I’m also using the official Overhub, even with a power supply fed into it. And it happens a few times an hour. It’s a bit of a deal breaker. I’ve asked about it in a thread but have’t had a single reply. Which leads me to believe “it’s just me” :-/

mine has never connected. it connects to transfer fine, but overbridge has never ‘seen’ it.

Try a different USB port and a diff cable too

transfer sees it, but not overbridge :frowning:

I have the same problem with Catalina 10.15.2.It doesn’t work.I uninstalled the overbridge.

I’ve had intermittent problems running Overbridge and am using High Sierra 10.13.6 but it often works. I mostly use Ableton Live; I gave up trying to make it work with Logic.
A few things that seem to help are shutting down Overbridge engine, the DAW (Ableton) or even restarting my MacBook. These sometimes seem to kickstart it although I haven’t been able to identify a single cause, frustratingly.
I recently wasn’t able to get OB to ‘see’ my device and found that I had the standalone version running too but once I’d shut that, it worked via the Audio Unit in Ableton.