Overbridge MIDI Out to Digitakt?

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered, I simply couldn’t find the thread.

I would like to send and record midi notes from Ableton to Digitakt. I’ve tried using the Ableton Instant Haus VST to generate some beats but while Digitakt begins to run in sync and plays the notes, it doesn’t seem to record them (this is with the VST and Overbridge being on the same panel)

Now, I’ve created a separate MIDI track and tried routing it to the Digitakt overbridge channel, but that didn’t work. What does work, is enabling MIDI sync for Digitakt via USB and then simply going to the MIDI track with the VST and enabling MIDI out to Digitakt via usb, but that’s something the OB manual discourages to do. What am I doing wrong?


I’m having same issue. Means I can’t use my Keystep (that’s connected to Ableton via USB) to record notes into the sequencers on my DT and A4, which kinda wrecks my workflow. Anybody found a work around?

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Same issue here. Actually that’s why I was waiting for Overbridge…

I’m disappointed by this as well - seems crazy that Overbridge can send the notes but won’t allow you to record them. Doing this via MIDI (either via USB or the proper MIDI port) works just fine. Kinda dumb.

With the current Mac OS version of Overbridge and the 1.11 DT firmware, it is straightforward to send midi from Ableton to the Digitakt via usb and have the DT record the midi.

Just to clarify: it is straightforward to send MIDI, yes. But the Digitakt will not record incoming MIDI data via Overbridge, only via USB MIDI. It will play the MIDI data back, but the sequencer will not record incoming Overbridge MIDI data in OS 1.11 as far as I can tell.