Overbridge MIDI only

This has probably been asked before, but is there any way I can use Overbridge 2 VST in a ‘MIDI only’ mode, meaning without any USB audio involved?

Thank you!

Do you mean you want to automate the parameters without having to stream the audio via the VST?

If yes, than yes. You can always just use the physical outputs into an audio interface.
You can load the VST and just mute the audio channel in your DAW and just go nuts with automation while the output goes to a mixer or interface for instance.

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Thanks for your reply! Just to get this right: I need to keep the Overbridge Engine entirely out of the game as it totally ruins my MIDI to Audio latency ( currently around 6ms roundtrip on my system, and I’d like to keep it that way ).

In Nuendo, if if insert the Digitakt OB VSTi, I obviously cannot route it to any physical (DIN) ports, including the Digitakt one.

In other words, is it possible to simply use the Digitakt plugin to merely act as a MIDI control surface within a given DAW?

Apologies in case I am expressing myself imprecisely…

The engine takes care of the entire communication between the hardware and the plugin / standalone application. So without it it won’t work afaik.

The plugin (+engine) should not have any influence on your audio latency whatsoever. It only affects plugin latency for which most, if not all DAWs will automatically compensate. So this should not have an affect on your audio interface roundtrip latency, nor any midi controllers etc.

In case you still want to bypass the OB Engine, the only workaround would be to add your Elektron instrument as a midi device and just automate midi like you would with any other instrumen wiothout overbride.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for elaborating. I guess I was being imprecise earlier. As stated by you, it obviously has no direct effect on latency, that’s correct. But it maxes out ASIO performance on my machine to a degree as to which it forces me to to increase buffer size, so yeah.

Nevertheless very helpful, thanks a bunch mate.


I know that’s was a typo and not indended, but it definitely made my day. In many ways Overbridge behaves really like a bride on HER day … :smiley:

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Hi Dave,

just looking up this post again.

I had used OB in the past for just controller use but with the latest OS update it just freaks out and doesnt work. I guess this is no longer the case that it can be used this way? i notice when i open now OB states that the plugin should be used for audio and sequencing from DAW… kinda sucks :frowning:

If you mean automating parameters or using it as a midi controller etc then that definitely still works.
What OS did you upgrade to?

Yeah thats exactly what i mean. Im refferring to the Rytm just to clarify and its running 1.60. My A4 mk1 works find with OB :man_shrugging:

Update to 1.60A and see if that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Gents, joining this conversation… I have a RYTM II running OS 1.61B, with Overbridge v2.1.1.2. Trying unsuccessfully to automate Rytm parameters from Cubase. I’ve tried with and without Overbridge; the Rytm doesn’t seem to recognize midi cc or lane automation from Cubase. For example, if I send automation on the midi track triggering the kick (channel 1) using midi cc 74 (filter cutoff), there is no effect. I can control the note velocity this way, but no other parameters. Is there a secret to getting the Rytm to recongize external automation? Many thanks…