Overbridge & macOS Big Sur

The new Akai MPCs are minicomputers running a simple DAW on linux.

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It must be so frustrating for these guys @Elektron. I feel for them, I really do. It is out of their hands and the rate at which Apple updates it’s os has become a humorous jape.

Every time we rely on others we put ourselves at risk.

It is reasons like these that made me head towards recording one stereo out when I want to record. Getting that signal as full and juicey as possible without the need for anything else has made me more productive and less negative.

This problem started at eternity and will end at forever. It is certainly a headache that I don’t want to entertain.

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Well actually that is just modern IT. Regular updates. At least one big release a year, and continuous bug fixes. This generally keeps the public happy. Any saas or windows product is doing the same.

‘One big release a year’ - that I am happy with. ‘Breaking compatibility once a year’ - not so much. :crazy_face:

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Yes, the USB class-compliant audio works fine in Big Sur. Getting 2 in- and outputs from my DT, DN and A4.


I’d like to reply on some of your thought regarding this issue. As mentioned before, we are beta testing Overbridge for Mac OS Big Sur and Apple Silicon. This means that we have come far in the development and are mostly optimising and finding our way through Apple’s verification process. The solution includes a brand new driver that moves away from kernel extensions which were deprecated with Mac OS Big Sur. Our new driver is made with modern technologies and makes development easier which in turn helps us to deliver a solution of higher quality. OSes prior to Big Sur will still use our current solution. Unfortunately we can’t give a release date at this moment but we are working hard to ensure that your new M1 Mac is compatible with Overbridge.



Also, if you want to join the beta testing team please write me a PM.



I just PMed you.

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Hi! I recently bought my digitone device and will be glad to take part in testing. Im just if i can send DM messages with new account because i dont see DM button :frowning:

Can’t write a PM, but would be glad to test it. Have an Digitone, Analog Four MK1 and Analog Rytm MK2 and a new Apple Silicon Device to test with :slight_smile:

Also interested in Beta testing this with M1 MacBook Pro and Digitakt. Apple developer without PM rights. Thanks.

This is really good news and thanks for sharing!! Makes me feel a lot better regarding a switch to Big Sur and Apple Silicon :slight_smile:

I would like to sign up for beta testing. I was right now about to downgrade to catalina and thought i would check one last time.

I would like to sign. up for testing, thanks for all of your hard work

I too would like to sign. up for testing. New M1 Mac mini ready for beta. Thanks.

id like to try the beta out please

I can’t write a PM I guess, but I’d love to try the Overbridge Beta!

I would like to sign-up for beta testing.

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Hi David,

I have a MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Intel Core I5 on Big Sur (11.1) and a Digitakt with OS 1.20A.
Will there be a different version for Intel and M1 versions of Big Sur?

So available for tests If needed.
Best regards

Can’t write a PM as well, but would be up for Beta testing.