Overbridge - Logic Pro bug glitch stutter ISSUE

I’ve got this annoying problem with Logic Pro X 10.6.1 and the Digitone/Overbridge.

I’m using Overbridge only to track multiple channels from the Digitone. The plug-ins are not loaded/active. I have never even used them.

So what happens is that when Logic is playing back silence or just doing nothing except for monitoring the inputs, after a few minutes the Digitone kind of glitches out. It sounds like its missing a few beats with some ticks and then I have like 3 SECONDS of latency until I hit play in Logic. My computer is doing nothing except for monitoring the Overbridge inputs.

On the Digitone Overbridge is active. It is receiving MIDI from another sequencer from the MIDI port only. USB-MIDI is disabled.

I have a new fast computer with Catalina. Everything, according to ELEKTRON, should be compatible.

I can’t use Overbridge like this. What is happening here? Why am I having so many problems with Overbridge? First it installed poorly and I had to reinstall it. Then when in use it generates little pops and ticks every so often.
And then it starts glitching out every 3 minutes. I don’t think so.

Again, I am not using the plu-gin. Just audio streaming. I’m not even running any plug-ins in general. It is basically a simple multitrack recorder without even an EQ loaded. I’m doing things I could do on a Pentium 2 with Windows '95 for Pete’s sake. I have now six cores and 32gb of RAM. There is no problem with Logic when using the Apogee or any other card really.

Also, there is no clock syncing active


Yep so it should work then. As I’m not using the plug-in

I have the same issue with both my digitakt and digitone. it’s so frustrating there’s no solutions to this yet.

The only solution…for now…is to go back to 10.5.1 and you will be fine!

I think I have similar issue with my new and powerfful Mac; with Logic I try ro record Digitone to separate tracks with OB but I am not using plugins. Sometimes it works but often I’ll get clitches or sound is totally distorted. My mac had newest OS and Logic is also newest version.

Any idea what’s happening here and how to fix it?

Just got a Syntakt. Using it via Overbridge with Logic Pro X 10.7.6 (Monterrey). It’s an MBP M1 Pro. Getting audio glitches & cracks on all different buffer/audio settings (even on 1024). Both on Rosetta & Silicon modes.

Any ideas on how to solve it?

The least bad solution appears to be to have a small buffer size. Though this means that VST/AU instruments that require larger buffers can not be used at the same time as overbridge. Not good at all :frowning:

This is an issue for me too. On m1 with the rytm mkII currently. I believe it’s a bug with Overbridge. I’ve even tried the new Sonoma beta

Did your issue ever get fixed?