Overbridge Issue

The audio coming from my analog four is glitching out quite a lot. I’ll hear a sort of squeaky blip and then the pattern drops out of tune and sync for a few counts and then back to normal. It doesn’t sound like normal buffer size issues to me… Is it possible the a4 loses sync momentarily?

I’m using overbridge in ableton live 9 on a late 2011 mbp running osx 10.11.6. Overbridge has just the main outs enabled, buffer is set at 256 with the margin at 150. The a4 is on a dedicated usb port, tried using a different port with no result.
Forgot to add; a4 is running the latest firmware.

I’ve read various topics concerning the issues people have been experiencing with overbridge but I’ve not found any describing this exact glitch although maybe I’m misinterpreting what I’ve read so far.

Welcome to Overbridge :disappointed_relieved: Others have the same issue. There seems no way to fix this with the current version of OB. I gave up on it. I’m pretty sure this is why Elektron stopped selling OB and are offering it for free.

Might not be what you want to hear, but on my Cylinder style Mac Pro, updating to the latest High Sierra - 10.13.2, cleared my problems. Apple regressed on the USB audio side for some revisions.

Can’t say for sure that it would fix your issues, but there was some work done on that version - “Improves compatibility with certain third-party USB audio devices”:

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Thanks for your reply. You’re right that’s definitely not what I wanted to hear :wink:

Counterintuitively, switching to a smaller buffer size (64) and error margin (100) seems to have fixed my problem for now.
There’s still a slight glitch every now and then but nowhere near as bad as before and the most annoying problem where OB would make all my other machines run out of sync (about a quarter note, changing latency settings on the other inputs had no effect) seems to have disappeared entirely. So it seems I can put off upgrading to High Sierra at least for a little while.

All of this makes me think I have an even poorer understanding of latency etc. than I though but maybe some poor soul out there will stumble upon this thread and find it useful.


I have latest High Sierra and it still happens occasionally. Was happening with MBP 2013 and its happening now with brand new MBP TouchBar also.

Would like if someone from Elektron would clear this out or at least explain why its happening, because its very usual glitch that is very recognisable and they probably ran into it at some point. @Elektron @Ess @Dataline anyone?

Well heres hoping that Overbridge 2.0 will sort this out.

@frnk are your new settings (small buffer, 100 margin) still working without glitches?

New user here with the same problem as the original poster. Mine glitches every time and then gets itself in tune after the first glitch. Overbridge is not usable and I don’t think I can try any other permutations. MBP i7 with 16GB Ram, it can do almost anything else … except for overbridge. Is there any suggestion that a version 2 will apply to the analog 4?


The rock-solid solution is to forget about OB audio and get an audio interface with the number of inputs you need, (avoid Behringer) and use the individual outs from your elektron box. It it ain’t got individual outs (meh) you’ll have to record in multiple takes if you want to process sounds separately. Multichannel audio over USB with these boxes (and others from other brands) is too problematic to be worth it.

You’ll likely get better sound quality too, if you use a half-decent audio interface. I got an old MOTU 828mk2 and it does a great job.

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I am going to have to admit I prefer using the overbridge interface for getting my sounds. Could I still create my sounds with overbridge but record from the individual outs instead of USB? I will give it a go in due course, but I really do prefer the portability of using overbridge.

I’m happy to report everything is still working fine, with as stated before, a slight glitch every now and then which is acceptable to me for the time being.

Yesterday I added an aggregate device to the mix (saffire pro40 + tr-8) and all is still working as it should.

@Ristoch you can use OB and record from the main outs, this is the way I used OB until my glitchiness was resolved.

Thanks frnk. High Sierra hasn’t helped me in this regard and the glitch is repeatable for me. The first bar is always out of tune, but then everything remains fine thereafter. Seems a shame to have to put up with this odd behaviour but it won’t be the thing that stops me from becoming famous lol.

I hope that glitch will get resolved in Overbridge 2.0

It messes up exporting of my project every so often.

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