Overbridge is glitching with my setup

Overbridge keeps making these digital fart sounds and it’s driving me crazy. Has anyone figured out how to avoid this? It happens most frequently when there’s a lot going on in Ableton, but even when I take every step to free up CPU (turning off my master bus chain, picking a basic synth plugin, trying to not tweak too many parameters) it STILL happens. CPU isn’t going above 30% or so in Ableton. I guess I can turn off my plugin effects as well, though at that point the song is virtually unrecognizable. Would it help if I ran my Moog through a dedicated audio interface instead of through the Digitakt, maybe? I was hoping this software would be useable by now, but it’s just not.

Edit: I see my thread title was changed. You guys are no fun :wink:

had the same troubles yesterday. tried different buffer sizes. I had no plugins or effects loaded at all. no OB plugin.
Just digitone selected as audio interface

Yeah I have my buffer at 1024 (pretty high), though lowering it/raising it doesn’t seem to have an effect either way. It seems to mostly happen during recording, which is likely due to that being a more intense process. If I turn my soft synth off and only record the MIDI data it’s fine, but of course that removes the ability to jam live. 2015 Macbook Pro with 16 gigs of RAM.

I honestly might just switch back to a Machinedrum and hard synth. It feels like I can’t even breath on any of my gear without OB having a meltdown.