Overbridge & Heat

Yes, this is the catch

So, probably resample during a session, with single tracks etc, and do the real time if heat was on the master for the final export. At least there are options. Thumbs up

Ableton and Logic are the worst experience to me with Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Analog Heat only in my session… plenty of problems (Sync, Noise, Glitch, USB problem unplug-plug, Pain to setup and route the whole thing on LOGIC… anyway when you have your template you’re ready to go of course)

When at least Bitwig Studio handle it way better and simplier so for now I stick with Bitwig for all relative to Overbidge !

So guys who are on MAC give it a try you’ll be surprised I guess (as me…)

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I’ll get the demo and test this. I’ve been contemplating on switching from ableton to bitwig anyway, as I find less and less use for M4L in my music making.

I remember when bitwig was first announced, it was totally superior to ableton in PLC among other things. Many frustrated abes power users swore on jumping ship. hmm

Also a little update regarding OB 1.15 and AH 1.02:

I originally reported major problems under 1.15 and osx 10.9.5. Then I updated to macos Sierra, and things started working again, but not everything worked. While I could use the bit accurate coreaudio in Ableton, osx system sound was garbled and glitchy.

So I asked elektron for ideas, and they suggested reinstalling ob and the analox machine OS updates once more. I uninstalled the ob software, reinstalled it and re-updated the AH OS 1.02 - and now even macos system audio works with the AH!

Summa summarum - If you update osx, also uninstall and reinstall overbridge. Hope this might help someone else with a similar situation.


I’m in the process to help a bit with configuration with Ableton, Logic and Bitwig… should work on PC nice if some folks done the same for PC on Cubase etc…


Hey everybody,

I updated my Mac to Sierra, Updated my UAD drivers, uninstalled & reinstalled Overbridge and now everything works. I will have to render as I go for each stem with heat which is fine for me. Finally happy this seems to work (fingers crossed)

oh yeah, running at 128 & 48000. cannot wait to put serious time into it this weekend when really going in on music :grinning:


So glad I sold my heat

Interested to know why you sold it. I’m still on the fence with this one. Did you sell it because you got bored with it’s sound shaping or was it the poor Overbridge integration?

A bit of both … I find my SP-303, Timmy pedal and Vermona Retroverb can all ‘heat’ my sounds just as well (to my ears), especially when used as an aux send. Secondly, I’m on Pro Tools so overbridge is not supported. Thirdly, if I bothered using the PT workarounds to get overbridge working, it seems from this and other threads that there are major headaches with using heat as a send within your DAW. These types of software bugs really tire me mentally when I should just be making music! … all in all, I feel I am better off without it.

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Out of interest, why do you regard the Overbridge integration as ‘poor’? It works wonderfully for a lot of people, myself included. Do you mean you are using an unsupported DAW or your computer isn’t up to it?

I don’t have an AH. My question was directed towards leighzi88 who returned his unit due to (amongst other things) poor integration of OB with his DAW.

Ah I thought you were saying you were on the fence regarding selling it, rather than on the fence regarding buying one.

Anyway it’s an effect-processing box (it’s a beast… but hey I do not want to pass for an elektron fan) there’s reverb before that release, reverb that you couldn’t use in anyway as plugin. So in this prehistoric era we use soundcard and make Analog Send Return… or Mixer… We also have latency. And we all recording some stuff and use it to make track. There’s no reason that old (but trusted) way of doing it not working nice with the Analog HEAT ! I would see Overbridge as a Bonus, a second option to make it.

So glad I bought my heat :troll:


They’re not bugs if the software isn’t supported.

Hey thanks for clarifying! I’m still confused about this: if you are limited to only one instance per physical unit, and subsequently per DAW session, then why not just use the heat as an analog insert (effect loop) and record directly into a submix? I guess you could apply the same effect to two mono signals, and route them separately, but still.

Why use Overbridge at all if it’s simply going to induce further latency and only permit you to bounce down one track at a time? Analog signal’s not going to accrue the same problems. Sure, an over bridge plugin saves the preset. Fine. Then just use the unit’s save feature to save settings. While we’re at it, the heat already has LFO, envelope followers, etc. Sure, a plug-in permits automation. Still you could accomplish the same with a M4L device.

I thought the whole revelation of overbridge was that it was literally DSP that stood outside one’s chosen interface (i.e. didn’t need to be aggregated). In other words, that would actually have been a good use of a USB device in 2017.

For me, it’s the ability to create macros in Ableton Live and automate many/all functions at once. I can change all the parameters with one macro knob in realtime if desired. Honestly for me I prefer to keep it all in the box anyway. And what’s to stop me from having the Heat on a drum bus or the master bus affecting many, many tracks that way? I’ve already used it on the master bus on a released track and it was great…

Overbridge just levels the playing field in that you could always just use it as an external audio send/return and send MIDI to it as analog gear. Overbridge allows you to bypass all the wiring along the way and make things simpler imho. I lean on it very hard for this reason.

Thanks digitalgeist,
See where that would open things up-honestly, I wish that was enough to persuade me. Unless I’m not understanding something, you could still group a m4l device that outputs CC and accomplish the same thing in a macro, for what I would suspect using less overhead.

On a separate subject, I’m really interested in heat as a sort of channel strip warmer/exciter.

Hi, first post here.

I read that Elektron have fixed OB so I updated OB to 1.15, updated Rytm, A4 and Heat to the last versions.
Upon switching all of them on, Heat crashes (with a really loud noise…good thing the mixer was turned down!).

Did the factory reset, but no joy…it obviously does not like OB…I am on OS 10.10.5
Opened a support ticket with Elektron (my second with Heat) and waiting for an answer.