Overbridge for Mac OS Big Sur - Feedback thread


Today we released Overbridge for Mac OS Big Sur. It has been in a long beta period, but as always not everything gets picked up until it is used extensively. I’m starting this thread to collect your experiences from using Overbridge on Mac OS Big Sur.

Unrelated to this release for Big Sur there are some shortcomings we hope don’t overthrow this great achievement.

Known issues:

  • Audio drop outs, mostly noticeable on Analog Heat.
  • Syncing issues between computer and device.

All these are being worked on but they are unrelated to releasing compatibility for Big Sur.

Fixes included

  • Fixed latency measuring when changing buffer size.
  • Fixed that VST plugins reporting that the latency was 0.
  • Fixed potential crash in stand-alone applications and plugins.
  • Fixed issue with selecting an Elektron device as input / output in standalone plugins.