Overbridge, Digitakt, and track panning

yup they are mono on rytm too! Same problem really.

It would be cool if p-locks were some how ported to the plugin too. Technically the plugin itself could read the pan value and set the stereo pair for each mono track to match. You’d still have mono tracks of course, just the panning would be respected.
But I wonder if overbridge can handle sending much more data than it already does?

In the mean time, I’ve just been refocusing efforst to make DT and RYTM work as well as I can just as a single stereo pair. If I need to multitrack I split out what I need when I need it and it’s usually just mono things like the kick.

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gotttcha, ty. damnit! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the lack of panning really sucks! I have totally given up on Overbridge. Too many bugs, too many flaws. I just record an overall stereo track, or go through and do each one of the 8 individually…

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It would be great if the actual track pan setting would send MIDI CC. Then you could just map to the pan parameter in any daw, problem solved. OP-Z can do this.


I am a bit bored by this mono situation too with my digitakt.

I have a few workarounds though :

  • first solution is to use the (recent ?) per track routing. I Route to the master track only the tracks with creative panning (lfo on pan etc) and keep the mono tracks for real mono tracks (kick, snare). However it is a bit tedious for big project
  • second solution is to record the master track with everything (8 audio tracks + fx) and keep the 8 separate mono tracks as a “backup” only. These backup tracks allows me to send reverb/delay to a specific element (by feeding it to a reverb buss) or even to EQ/compress (by inverting the phase to remove element from the mix and then adding it again)

However, a more elegant solution for elektron would be to allow overbridge not to output 8 separate audio tracks but 4 stereo buss that could be routed as needed. Same cpu/bandwidth but more flexibility.


I’ve only tried this a little bit, but it seems to work! In the manual on page 66, there’s this:

ENCODER DEST controls whether the DATA ENTRY and LEVEL/DATA knobs sends MIDI data or not. When set to INT, the knobs only affects the Digitakt and no MIDI data is sent. When set to INT + EXT, the knobs affects the Digitakt and also sends MIDI data to external devices.

Basically, setting this to INT+EXT makes every parameter on every page on the audio tracks send midi data, including pan. I tried this with FL Studio where I mapped the pan per track on the DT to their respective channels in FL Studio, and it worked! LFO and all.

You may also have to set the OUTPUT CH to track so that each audio track uses their own midi channels.

OUTPUT CH selects whether the knobs will send data on the auto channel or the track channel.

Does this work for you too?


Thank you, this is great, it’s been there the whole time!? Woops

I just started messing with this in Reaper, I can get the pan knobs on each Digitakt track to control their respective tracks in the DAW, but curiously it’s not responding to the LFO

*Also not responding to P-Locks

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I was just searching through some of my old posts and in a locked Overbridge Public Beta thread from 2019 I had actually come across exactly this set up, I must have forgotten. But again, I wasn’t able to get the LFO and P-Locks to work, so I figured out a MIDI set up in the mean time. I haven’t even really been using that either though, hoping for a better solution to come along…

Is there anything you can suggest that I look out for in my set up to get the LFO happening?
Are P-Locks working for you?

The only time I hear the LFO and locked panning is if the track is sent to the delay or reverb, but the individual track audio is always static

I may have to try out FL

I was also unsuccessful trying this in Ableton, even with OUTPUT CH to track. LFO and plocked panning changes aren’t updated in Ableton. It seems like ENCODER DEST to EXT only sends MIDI when the encoder is physically moved.


New Digitakt owner here. Just tested recording via OB and discovered this lack of panning. For me this makes OB pretty much useless for recording Digitakt. I use panning creatively on every pattern, and in addition panning is mixing. I don’t want to have to remix every pattern in my DAW because I recorded it with OB. Bummer.

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In fairness this information has been available for years. :confused:

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I’m whining with hopes that Elektron peeps are keeping an eye out on the forums here, lol.


I’ve found that the only way to have your panning from DT to your DAW is to record each track invidually. And by this I mean you mute all the tracks except the one with panning and record it on a audio track with overbridge VST.

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I’m curious if there were any extra steps to get the LFO mapped correctly? I’m having a similar experience in Logic and in Ableton as @phasingtomsolo had in Reaper – the physical knob movement is mapped correctly and controls track Pan amount, but p-locks and LFO changes aren’t outputting data (even though the Digitakt Plugin sees these values just fine…)

I’m gonna throw down on this thread instead of posting another one. The fact that panning automation that is recorded on the DT is not passed through OB for multitracking makes OB essentially useless in any applications for which one would need a Digitakt.

If one of the main selling points of OB is that a user can program their stuff in the DT and then play it back multitracked out into their DAW, all that panning work goes to shite. I really want to use the DT to do a full album’s worth of drum programming, but I’m not about to individually track my panned files into my computer. I may as well just use a sampler VST so I can do it all ITB and not have to hassle with the recording.


Feel 100% the same! It seems like such a strange oversight…


Exactly! It’s like, what’s the purpose of OB in this case? The DT doesn’t offer anything in terms of functionality that you can’t do in software, so the whole draw is that you can write your beats with the tactile interface. If I can’t easily transfer that to my DAW with the tools they say are for that purpose, why would I bother?

You can’t P-lock in Ableton Live. :wink:

Of course you can! It’s called automation. You can literally do it in any DAW that allows for automation of either a pattern or full track. In fact, you might almost argue it’s easier and more versatile in a DAW as you can do as many as you want and see each thing individually.

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If I was going to use OB, I would simply forget about panning while in the DT only stage (making your mix decent in mono is no bad thing anyway), then just add panning in the DAW. Until there’s an update, there’s not much point in thinking it’s a showstopper because it won’t achieve anything. Maybe the reason each track isn’t stereo is to do with the USB bandwidth? The ones that have stereo (AH, A4, DN) are piping over way less tracks. I dunno, just my guess. Anyway, either use OB as is or don’t or send a feature request.