Overbridge broken in latest ableton update?

Can anyone else confirm this is an issue with the very latest live update that mine has just auto updated to? Overbridge is working in Live 10 and logic on my max but not version 11.

Analog Keys OB (vst2 and vst3 versions) working fine here - Live 11.2.6 / OB

Thanks, strange. It’s not behaving with my A4 either. I’ve sent support a message and also asked ableton to help, thanks for checking.

No, OB is working fine for me.

Just tested, Live 11.2.6 with OB though, running on macOS Ventura!

Analog Rytm MKII works without issues.

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ok, got it working. weirdly the issue is if I try and set ableton output to my macbook’s built in speakers, it’s no problem when I select my UAD interface. I was just trying to track in an idea on the syntakt to the laptop outside my studio. Not sure if the same applies to other peoples set ups, but just making a note of the issue here in case anyone is troubleshooting.

I don’t have UAD but I tried either on my MBP speakers or through my iD14 interface with no issue so far.

The AU crashes if I touch it, the VST3 works. Kind of.

I found the solution to get things to work with built in speakers if I set the buffer to a low level like 128, it defaulted to 2048 in ableton preferences which causes no sound to come out. Check those latency settings.

I always stay 1 year behind with everything.

That way, it all works.

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standalone, vst, vst3 and au work just fine on Ventura and latest Live 11 for my ARII and DN