Overbridge Beta sign-up is now closed


News from people participating in the beta is that thing are working quite well. As the beta testing is happening right now, not sure how this can be seen as buying time


They are not buying time in my opinion at all, the driver has been absolutely rock solid for me in all aspects. I’m sure that there are MANY bugs being reported, I’m not naive, but my impression is that the software is fairly mature at this point. I havent had any crashes, and the audio I’m recording is super clean on all tracks. USB sampling is working well for me, and recording through the external inputs sounds very good. It’s coming soon. Streaming all tracks into ableton at the same time is so awesome and makes me feel motivated to record!

I know Elektron would like to keep discussion about the beta mostly in the closed part of the forum, so I hope that’s not too much info, but I want everyone to know that they are really going to enjoy using this software.


Oh boi


im just being jelous that im not having fun with my boxes aswell. got 0 reply myself. sorry all.


Better some beta testing that results in a highly stable end product for us all and an easier rollout with fewer issues for the support team. Releasing it after all the delays and it being full of bugs would’ve been the worst thing to do. I’m excited to know that the beta is out there and working well so far!


Good to know the beta is looking in a good state from the users so far. Really looking forward to getting this as I’ve loads of projects on the go for my Rytm MK2 that would really benefit from this.


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Hello everyone

happy New Year

what a frustration to be missing out on the beta that was waiting for me.

I wanted to know if a musician musician friend could send me a copy of the beta version I’m in France

good wave tout le monde

Moderator edited : Ask Elektron instead, the beta cannot be shared, so please do not ask.

Have a look though our guidelines too


Of course I understand, I tried on my side to send you an email, I must have been wrong

I ask you Mr elektron is possible to have a version of the overbridge for window please

thanks the company for everything you bring to electronic music


You need to contact the company (not a “Mr. Elektron”).

Head over to their website and get in contact there: