Overbridge and Digitakt not working/detecting

Hey, my current setup is just an Digitone/Digitakt I installed overbridge 2.0.11 beta… my Digitakt is not being detected… I have a Digitakt and Macbook Air, Digitakt has the latest update I dont understand

I was wondering if someone could help me

Is your dt in overbridge mode?

Also you may wanna change the title of your thread cause your question doesn’t really have to do with midi.

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Sorry, the Forum seemed to automatically generated this title and I am not sure why… yes, my digitakt is in Overbridge mode, and nothing is being detected

Sadly, I also have to play around with the usb connection. If I have my A4 and digitakt on one usb hub they sometimes are not recognized, especially when other things are plugged in… that could be it…

I dont understand… I have the latest digitakt firmware and overbridge … What am I missing?

not sure what I can do… I bought the digitone and digitakt so I wouldnt have to deal with an audio interface but it seems not to work at all

I also have a ‘question’ regarding the detection

Sometimes my computer recognises the DT+DN flawlessly and even OB works like a charm in Ableton Live, and other times, with the same setup/config it doesn’t recognise the devices at all and has trouble making connectons?!! (i use the DN/DT over an Overhub + USB3 port on my laptop)

Now, i know for instance (totally apples & oranges here) when i used to work in PrePress, a (Direct to Plate) machine needed to be turned on in a specific/exact order/sequence for the computer to recognise and utilize it properly.

Could it be, DT/DN/AH also respond in such a way and possibly need to be turned on in a specific order as well as to prioritise HW over one another?

Almost forgot: Also after a while when HW being idle, sometimes connection is lost. Could this mean low voltage on the USB or possibly gear heating up for bad transmission of data? (Or Win 10 related torture; unwanted shit going on in the background?)

Or could it have something to do with the ‘throttling’?
(Anyone know how to disable/enable that shit? I thought i had it covered, but Windows changed options of performance settings in W10, sucks)

Hey guys, I’m brand new to this forum and only recently purchased the Digitakt and I’m having the same issues. Running the latest beta for both Digitakt and Overbridge running on a Mac. Anyone have any further insights? … cheers.

I guess that’s the power management interfering. You can turn off power save mode for USB this way:

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I thought i had all the settings covered but that wasn’t the case.
(They were both enabled)

Thanks for the help!