Overbridge and Access Ti

I’ve found that Access Virus ti USB and Overbridge are unstable if used together.

Anyone else had this issue?

For more than a decade users have been reporting problems with TI stability so I wouldn’t be surprised.


In my experience Virus TI is quite unstable via USB in general, yes. Via MIDI, it runs fine as long as you don’t throw too many simultaneous MIDI messages at it.

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Virus TI works fine on my Win 10 PC (via USB) and I have no problem using it in conjunction with OB1 and my A4.
Have not yet tried with OB2 as I am using the beta version for Digitone.

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My virus runs perfect on its own via ti through USB

My Rytm and Heat run perfect on their own without Virus ti over Overbridge

Every together the Rytm glitches out big time and midi clock speeds up and slows down,

Win 10 pc
Intel i7
32 gb ram

I too have never had problems with TI. I suppose I’ve been fortunate in that regard. Spend some time on forums though and you might come to the conclusion that it never works.

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It’s been running perfect for me for years…

Until the last few updates of Overbridge