Overbridge, ableton wave forms/levels SUPER LOW

I think this is a standard issue, but when recording the digitone into ableton with overbridge, my waveforms are teeeeny tiny. Is there no fix for this? Does this mean my levels are super low?

btw, i did my mixing in digitone, so some synths are around the 25 level, and my drums are like 120. i could turn my levels all the way up and mix in Live? (wave forms are still pretty small)

Official line is that theres a lot of gain staging in the hardware and recording via ob bypasses that. But it’s a clean enough signal you should have no problem with adding gain after the fact. I just normalize the recordings after and then start in on mixing. No real noise floor issues to speak of doing that.

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Yep. When recording line levels into digital recorders, there is no noise floor (or if there is it is TINY) As long as the level didnt clip, it doesnt really matter where it is since you can change it post.
So just crank up the levels of the recordings and go from there.

I sometimes use Utility in abelton for this process. Gives more control than just normalising, plus it is automatable if you are into that kind of thing.

I put a utility on every channel and use the gain…

Finding the analog Rytm has Lots of headroom for overdrive etc…
seems pretty good to me on Rytm not running out of room all the time.

Maybe u just need to mix it a bit louder on the unit before recording?