Overbridge AAX plugins?

Hey man, that video is great.
I’m trying to get this to work. Really, I need it to work with the Digitakt, but I’ll get to that later. I tried getting it going on the DN and I feel like I followed your video to the letter, but I can’t get DN to sync with Pro Tools transport/clock.
It works fine when Overbridge isn’t enabled on the DN and I set beat clock out to DN, but as soon as I setup Overbridge, it doesn’t talk at all. If I drive the DN transport locally, the input routing works great.

Any tips? Did you ever run into this?


Thanks. Not sure I’m afraid, this is my setup on the DN and Protools if it helps ( except for the Bluecat Patchwork in the video):

DN directly USB connected to the computer, no hub

  • Settings/Midi Config/Sync/Clock Receive:Yes. Transport Receive:Yes
  • Settings/Midi Config/Port Config/Input from: USB
  • Settings/System/USB Config/Overbridge:Yes


  • MIDI Beat Clock enabled for DN as you mentioned
  • Preferences/MIDI/Delay Compensation for external devices/MIDI Beat Clock: Yes
  • Then I check DN is enabled and working MIDI in and Out in Apple OSX Audio MIDI Setup, sometimes I have issues with the Audio MIDI setup and refreshing the list of MIDI devices fixes it.




So I got beat clock working. I updated OB, and I had to make sure beat clock was enabled before I switched the DN to OB mode. Beat clock in PT disappears once OB is enabled.

Now, the outputs aren’t working from Patchwork.
There’s no rhyme or reason to which track is outputting to which aux in Patchwork.
It’s even worse on the Digitakt, it gets real wacky and some of them don’t output at all.

Also, have you noticed a limitation in Patchwork to 7 aux outputs?
I was reading the manual and that shouldn’t be the case, but it always is for me, no matter how many are assigned in the I/O options.

I should have prefaced this all by saying I’m using the demo of Patchwork. Although, according to BlueCat, the only limitation is a dropout every two minutes, I assume everything else would work the same, but I suppose I shouldn’t assume that and chalk up my issues to the demo. It’s hard to justify buying the plug if it doesn’t work, since I’m purely using it for this purpose.

I think I might just hold out some misplaced hope for an aax OB version.

Sorry hear you’re having these issues, Beat Clock doesn’t disappear for me. AAX version would be fantastic, I had Patchwork anyway from the last plug-in migration challenge.

Logging on one more time to bump this.

AAX support please !!

AAX sure would be cool.

any information on OB and AAX compatibility,. I use reaper to host Digitakt and Analog four as VSTs via rewire, but I sacrifice computer resources.

Another one wishing for AAX support here!

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I’m using Bluecat Audio Patchwork, but MIDI is an issue and it limits audio IO.
Please Elektron!!!

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Wishing for AAX version as well :slight_smile: now I just use the rytm with all the separate outputs going into my sound card using 6 inputs haha it works but it would be great to have overbridge for PT.

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AAX lets get it!

Using Blue cat now and its a but hassle.

When I have " Sync Automaticly On Save" on I get a long lag delay on the editor knob when I change settings in the editor itself. So I have to turn Sync Automaticly On Save off for the editor to work and being able to change settings smoothly :-/

Yet another bump for AAX

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Another bump for me!

I’ve been an Elektron user for several years and I have to say that this lack of AAX has been one of my biggest disappointments.
I love this company and its products.
This needs to be addressed.

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AAX support in Beta: Overbridge AAX/Protools beta test