Overbridge 2 engine does not see Analog Rytm MKII


I have updated Analog Rytm MKII to the latest OS today. Installed Overbridge 2 on Mac OS Mojave. Using USB A -> Overhub -> USB C.

When AR is in USB-MIDI only mode, Transfer can see it, so the connection between my Macbook and the unit works. As soon as I switch to Overbridge mode - I can’t see my unit in the Overbridge Engine. None of the plugins can see it, Control Panel can’t see it.

Does ARMKII work for anyone with OB2?


By latest you hopefully mean the BETA OS which is part of the Open BETA software downloads, isn’t it?

  1. Try to connect it directly and not trough Overhub
  2. Check the TWO main threads about Overbridge BETA for your exact Mac OS version number (there is one which needs a minor update)
  3. there are also troubles with security settings on Mac OS (check the TWO main threads).
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Thanks for the reply! Yes, I updated to the latest BETA OS. Also my Mac OS is up to date.

I found first thread (https://www.elektronauts.com/t/overbridge-2-0-public-beta-plugins-drivers-and-firmware/70486), do you mind pointing to the second one?

It’s the one from the News section, but the most infos are in the other one you’ve already found.

got it, thanks!

OK, so my Macbook can finally see Analog Rytm MKII.
First, I uninstalled Overbridge from my system (with USB unplugged), then installed it again and connected AR. This time it worked

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