Overbridge 2.1.19 + Analog Four "SOLVED"

My A4 wont connect to windows since OS 1.36, but only in Overbridge mode, in Midi-Mode it connects fine!
So i cant try Overbridge 2.1.19, which i was looking forward to because of the stand alone feature.

In 1.24C it connected fine.

Anybody else having the same Problem?


SOLVED thanks to synththeory


WINDOWS 7x64 install SUCCESS
(don’t connect units through a hub)

  1. Update firmwares of units
  2. Dont install overbridge yet!
  3. Make sure units are in overbridge USB mode and connect to windows PC
  4. Device manager will show yellow exclamation mark driver install failures several times for each unit.
  5. Now install overbridge
  6. Drivers will install for overbridge usb connected devices.
  7. Reboot.