Overbridge 2.0 (rytm) and logic? help?

Im having a hell of a time finding any help setting up overbridge 2.0 in logic. Got the rytm mkii showing up in logic when I create a new track but no audio comes thru, its just going thru my computers speakers while all daw audio is going thru interface…

When I open Rytm plugin within logic it says " no device selected" and rytm isnt available. When I open Rytm app on its own it shows up. I have the rytm and its audio signals showing up in overbridge.

i don’t have overbridge but anything on mac needs to be set up in audio midi setup. also, in logic you may have to crate a midi device and assign it to the channels of the rytm in the environment window… only then will it show up in the arrange page. of course, you have to do the OS audio/midi set up first.

i don’t know how overbridge works but you might have to create an aggregate device so that all the channels show up in any DAW.

sorry i can’t be more help but i have no overbridge compatible devices. just a lonely OT.

So Ive discovered this: If I (contrary to what ppl say in tutorials) allow Logic to “use RYTM as an interface” ( forgetting the terminology it uses) when logic first opens, then logic passes its audio. But then my main interface is bypassed. Go into prefecences>audio and reselect my interface and boom, RYTM audio still passes thru. I have to do this every time I open logic.
Now my question is, is it possible to continue to use it this way while the RYTM being a slave to my other sequencer. So far that s not working. Going thru all the settings with no luck so far.

you have to create an aggregate device in audio midi set up. you can combine audio interfaces so your DAW sees them as one big interface.

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Ok. Id seen in an older tutorial to specifically not do this. If I set it as an aggregate device can I still record its audio tracks? Any help on setting this up? So far I just have the audio working the way I mentioned above but its on an “software instrument” track, midi> plugin. How would I route this to its seperate audio tracks to record them? Is an aggregate device necessary or might the way Im doing it work?

if it’s working w/o creating an aggregate device then just use that. i don’t have overbridge so i’m not sure of what it requires to work properly…

I haven’t created an aggregate device (OSX). Overbridge works.

My Digitakt can be assigned like an Interface in Logic X…so i can just create 12 Tracks to record it directly. To use also my interface i just create a new setting in Audio/Midi Setup in OSX and can use them all at once,don’t if that’s knew…but i stopped using overbridge since i found out.