Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta


anyone try logic yet? or do logic users have to wait till the final release?


Upon uninstal I checked all traces where removed and then restarted. I then started Ableton to initialise without the vst, then I deleted the midi device from audio/midi app (unrelated) then I installed OB again and Ableton found it after restart, I had previously attempted two reinstalls with out starting Ableton so can only assume me opening Ableton inbetween I stalk did the trick???


Ya…logic since birth.

But there are no AU plugs yet. Other than that yer just routing audio in. No reason that should not werk.


Why are your dev updates so slow, slowest I have ever experienced


Because right now there is a big task we are focusing on that will make large improvements, but takes time. The versions during this period is not worth releasing as they will not show any progression. The beta has helped us a lot in identifying this issue and we are really greatful for everyone who helped out with testing and reporting.

We are still not that many here at Elektron :wink:

Also, this is the old version. A later version can be found here:


have you solve the problems ? i have this problem too



does anyone know if overbridge will include sample management for the AR? i was using SDS drop and that was awesome. the developer has kind of disappeared though, so the newer os’s wont work for that program which is a shame.


I doubt it’s a priority as we have Transfer for getting files into the AR / DT now. once they’re in you can search and build kits with the stand alone or VST though.


I’ve heard it’s definitely in the planning.


its not as good as SDS drop. it just isnt, that app was fucking awesome. if elektron had their act together they would of brought the ip from the developer or given him a job. its pretty straight forward thing to do as far as i can see. someone builds a game changing app that enables you to build entire kits on the fly just by drag and dropping on to a pad, why wouldn’t you incorporate that into overbridge? the whole process is instant instead of taking the time it does to transfer samples to the machine, then assign them, then save a kit… buss kill… maybe even original inspiration lost by that time. wtf? ok so not so bad if you try think ahead and transfer your samples ahead, and build you kits ahead, but lets face it thats a pretty dry time consuming way to work. when i had SDS on in the background i could render any output of the DAW and slice it then drop that sample straight onto a pad, bam! done. flow. onto next idea, next inspiration. i hope that SDS drop developer comes back out of hiding soo, because it was excellent and the way elektron wants you to work with samples isnt.


No i still have the same problem and no one respond to my answer
Please if you have some info pass it to me


Elektron hire more devs


The usual stuff

Make sure you are on latest beta firmwares , link at top of thread probably
Try a different usb lead (this has fixed some people’s issues)
Check security privileges (more details can be found in overbridge threads )
Try another USB port , one device
Ensure usb mode is set to overbridge
Check you’ve setup the daw properly (ableton is best)
Try standalone apps , check overbridge engine is running.

Try normal usb stuff via transfer / c6 sysex , it might not be overbridge related if these apps are not working.

And finally , this is quite typical beta experience … it may have needed a lot if new work due to public testing … your problems may be typical , might be quite unique to your machine … report issues and it’ll help (full instructions on how to report issues us likely to be in this thread) . Even teams of 100’s of developers can take many many months to iron out bugs in a game , this may be simpler than a PS4 game but it’ll still take the time it needs .
Adding more devs doesn’t always mean bugs are fixed more quickly…but that discussion is very separate to this thread .


yes the problems actually has been solve by decreasing the numbers of input /output on OB control panel , you should try that


just wanna report that i’m now able to receive DT channels in Bitwig 2.5.1 RC 4 using OB.



Hi guys just bought a Digitone downloaded the overbridge app and like many found that the Digitone is not supported. Is there an ETA for the Digitone and overbrige support? (Im sure the official video sold it as it had “seamless support in you DAW via Overbridge”


Elektron has given no ETA on the Overbridge release for Digitone. It is hard to estimate how long the development takes and they made some very bad experience with announcing release dates. The issue with the “overbridge enabled” sticker on the box was discussed to death on this board. For now you can just be patient until it´s released or return the Digitone to your dealer.


Elektron showed a working version of the Digitone editor at Synthplex last week, so hopefully it will be ready soon.


Does anyone know when overbridge 2 will be released in AU format?
I can’t use analog heat GUI in logic as logic does not allow vst plugins.


interested in this. no AU format ?